Division 18: The Union of Novelty Costumed Performers is returning to comic shops everywhere this fall via trade paperback. The black-and-white comedy by Matt Bergin and Jeremy Donelson was originally planned as a 3-issue miniseries, but despite a successful, well-received debut issue, circumstances dictated that the creators and publisher, Silent Devil, "wait for the trade."

Certainly the always uncertain monthly market for independent/small press comics played a part in this decision, but an even bigger reason for the change in direction was that Silent Devil head honcho, Christian Beranek, was tied up in planning his latest venture, Disney's Kingdom Comics graphic novel imprint, which he launched this summer with Ahmet Zappa. Rather than indefinitely delay Division 18 issue by issue, the creators and publisher agreed the collection was the way to go to regain their momentum and give retailers and readers a reason to Support the Union once more.

The new Division 18: The Union of Novelty Costumed Performers collection includes the popular debut, "Five Hunnies"; two new full-length stories, "White Collar Crooks" and "The Union Files"; and bonus content such as an annotated "History of Da' Union," which chronicles the genesis of Jimmy the Snake, Fat Louie, and the rest of the crew. The trade also features the print debut of Josh Adams, youngest son of legendary artist Neal Adams. The junior Adams debuted his Web comic, The Greatest, earlier this year at his site, whatwouldjoshdo.com, but his guest spot on pencils in "The Union Files" will mark his first appearance on the printed page on comic store shelves.

The Division 18 trade paperback appears on page 326 of the July Diamond Previews catalog and is ready for pre-order:


Please visit www.division18.com and www.silentdevil.com for details

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