'Divergent' Director Steps Away From Sequel

Director Neil Burger and the Divergent franchise are taking (wait for it) ... divergent paths.

Variety reports that Burger has opted out of directing Insurgent, the second film in Lionsgate and Summit Entertainment's Divergent franchise. The studio is now searching for a director to meet the sequel's March 20, 2015 release date.

The situation echoes Lionsgate's previous dilemma with the Hunger Games franchise, when Gary Ross walked away after directing the first film in the series. Francis Lawrence was called in to helm Catching Fire, and remains on board for the final films in the series, the two-part Mockingjay.

Divergent, based on the Veronica Roth novel series, takes place in a future society divided into five factions that uphold specific human virtues. At the age of 16, all citizens take an aptitude test to determine their faction. When Beatrice Prior takes her test, however, she learns that she's equally apt for three factions, making her a "Divergent" — someone who is considered extremely dangerous for society.

Shailene Woodley and Theo James star in Divergent, hitting theaters on March 21, 2014.

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