16 Amazing (And Truly Disturbing) Pieces Of Superhero Fan Art

Fans are passionate people. We all know that “fan” actually is derived from “fanatic,” which is defined as “a person filled with excessive and single-minded zeal.” There are some more casual fans who enjoy their superhero movies and comic books, but their love doesn’t infect the rest of their life. Then there are some fans that take it to the next level. They eat, sleep, and breathe their fandoms. One of the most common ways they can get their love of superheroes out there is through art.

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Sure, a lot of the fan art out there is fairly normal and unsurprising. The art portrays their heroes doing very heroic things. However, some of these fans take their love of superheroes to incredibly odd places. Sometimes they like to imagine two unlikely heroes involved in more explicit scenarios. Other times they like to take a beloved all-ages hero and make them terrifying. There are even some who enjoy making Batman pregnant. The bottom line is there are a good amount of fans out there that love their heroes so much that they transform them into something truly unique. Let’s take a look at 16 examples of what we're talking about.


Starting this list off with a bang is this piece of art that will at equal times horrify and intrigue you, depending on your opinions on life. There are just so many questions. Never in your life have you seen a picture of Batman and Superman together that is so sweet, yet also so disturbing. The picture is a lovely black and white image of the two biggest superheroes in the world on their moon base, where Superman is caressing a pregnant Batman.

We know what you’re thinking. How is Batman pregnant? Is it Superman’s baby? Is Batman fighting crime in his third trimester? We’re no doctors, but that can’t be safe for the unborn child. Biology questions aside, this is a well-crafted image created by an unknown artist (“Kevin Maddox?”) that is clearly a passion project. Imagine the series Super Sons that was about the actual children of Batman and Supes, though!


This next piece of disturbing art comes from artist Grégoire Guillemin. He has a fairly well-known art series called The Secret Life of Heroes, in which he showcases our favorite heroes doing all sorts of mundane activities. While some show Spider-Man brushing his teeth and Superman picking his nose, perhaps the most disturbing is the one featuring Reed Richards, aka Mr. Fantastic.

It's a very simple piece, in the sense that there’s just not a whole lot going on, but the image itself certainly pops. It shows Mr. Fantastic -- who famously has the ability to bend and stretch his body at will -- looking down at a condom. It’s disturbing because Reed is one of the father figures of the Marvel Universe, as a member of Marvel’s First Family, and the idea of him having sex elicits the same feelings you might have of your own parents... enjoying each other's company. It also leads to the juvenile question – does every bit stretch?


There are many different ways to define what is “disturbing.” Of course, cannibal heroes and people in sexual scenarios can be obviously disturbing. However, there are other images that are so weird and unique that they just don’t sit right. One such image is this fairly standard picture of Spider-Man.

At first glance, you may think it’s just a badly drawn Spider-Man, but you’d be wrong. Artist Eric Wayne has a series of grotesquely drawn heroes, and this Spider-Man stands out from the rest. Of all the superheroes, Spider-Man is drawn as flexible, muscular, and graceful. Not here. In this piece, he’s deformed, with muscles where they shouldn’t be and limbs that don’t match up. It’s perhaps the worst drawing of Spider-Man’s anatomy... but on purpose. It’s funny and ridiculous, beautiful but kinda hard to look at. And once you’ve seen the floppy leg in the back, you can never unsee it.


Tom Lishman is an artist from the U.K. that does incredibly detailed digital art prints and sculptures. He is able to draw realistic characters that are truly captivating. However, he likes to venture into the dark and disturbing, as well. And once you see his zombie-fied Batman, you’ll never be the same.

The image is just a bust of Batman, but with a zombie spin. This Batman has been through some stuff and his cowl and face show horrifying signs of battle damage. Batman, himself, is terrifying to the criminals of Gotham, but make him into a zombie and it’s a whole different level of fear. The detail in the image is what puts this art on the list. You can see the bloody bits, the rotting flesh, and the dead look in his eyes. We’ve already seen Marvel Zombies, but this image will make fans beg for DC Zombies.


Let’s be honest, most of the sexual fan art on the Internet right now features female characters. Guys and gals love drawing Black Widow, Catwoman, and other female characters is various states of undress. That’s what makes this piece from photographer Hrjoe so unique. In the piece, we have Black Widow and Nolan’s Catwoman sitting in chairs while various Marvel heroes give them a striptease.

What makes this go from beefcake to disturbing is the fact that the photographer uses highly-detailed figures in his scenes. This isn’t over-the-top, at all. At first glance, you might actually think Robert Downey, Jr., Sam Jackson, and Hugh Jackman are stripping. It goes from being silly and ridiculous to being weird and realistic. It makes you feel like maybe you want to hide your eyes, but still peek through the fingers. It’s unsettling to see Sam Jackson opening his jacket as if he’s a flasher, too.


It’s already weird enough to see fans draw our favorite heroes as little babies (more on that later), but it’s a whole different level to see them as fetuses. Artist Alexandre Nicolas showcased a collection of his superhero-inspired fetuses several years back, but they’re stilling giving us nightmares.

The most disturbing is Superman. It’s as if we took full-grown Supes and made him a fetus. He has the signature red cape, “S” symbol (on his stomach, not chest), and even the little hair curl, but he’s unmistakably a fetus. We aren’t sure why he’s a fetus and what the message is, but its an example of something so strange and out there that you can’t stop looking. It’s a little cute, but at the same time, you wouldn’t want to touch it. Without a doubt, it is truly disturbing, and a credit to the talents of Nicolas.


We stumbled upon this image of the Powerpuff Girls and our lives will never be the same. There is truly nothing cuter than the Powerpuff Girls. They’re cutesy little superheroes that are bright, colorful, and fun. When artist Paul Ribera got his hand on the characters, he decided to imagine them as little drug addicts. The result is terrifying.

When you look at the Powerpuff Girls, you instantly notice their large, cute eyes, right? In Ribera’s art, you see the eyes, but this time they’re bloodshot. Then you notice the little pills on their tongues as their mouths salivate. Then you see how they’re drawn just a tad more realistic than normal, making the whole image incredibly arresting. You may not have cared about their lack of noses before, but when you see them salivating with pills on their tongues, the lack of nose might just be the scariest part.


When you watched Doug as a kid, you used to love his Quailman bits. They were adorable and silly. Sure, he looked ridiculous, but it was cute because he was such a loveable character. Somehow that whole idea gets flipped on its head when you see Quailman and Quail-Dog drawn as realistic characters.

When you see what a teenage boy and his dog look like when they wear silly costumes, with underwear on the outside and a belt around his head, you don’t see an adorable kid. What you see is a mentally ill individual. Artist David Galopim’s also adds a little bit of blood alongside his face, on his hands and on the aforementioned briefs, adding a bit of morbid mystery to the piece. He also makes Quail-Dog much more vicious, transforming the whole thing venture into true horror. It’s the portrait of an ill child and his rabid dog.


Deviant Art user Matteo, aka Emmemmeit, has a ton of pieces of art that are unique. We aren’t quite sure what his inspiration is, but one thing is clear – he loves drawing overweight heroes. One of his more disturbing pieces of art is his rendition of Batman as heavier than we have ever seen him, casting a new perspective on the Dark Knight's usually more lithe look.

The image depicts Batman in front of a smorgasbord of food and treats. He has ice cream, turkey, burgers, and other items all over a table as he eats. This character who is supposed to be the example of what society often deems as the peak of human fitness is now shown as about 1000 pounds of hero. His costume isn’t even close to fitting him correctly, so we just see his belly. The art style clearly doesn't take itself too seriously, but is actually all the more effective because of it. There’s skill at play when you look at the shading around his rolls especially.


There’s no denying that artist Paul Davey has talent. His art shows true beauty. However, sometimes, he likes to venture into the more disturbing side of fan art; or perhaps it could be called simply more "human." One such image is his frankly beautiful Hulk doing his business on the toilet.

This is another example of art that opens up a ton of questions. Does he need a special toilet? Is he angry-pooping, because he’s not in his Banner form? Is he smart Hulk because he’s reading a paper, or is he just looking at the comics? One thing is for sure, after you see this image, you won’t be able to think about the Hulk without the image of him squatting on the toilet coming to mind. You’re welcome.


Anime and manga fans are an incredibly passionate group. It’s almost weird if you don’t draw fan art! Of course, many of the fan art images that are out there are pretty explicit, and not safe for CBR, but those are so plentiful that it almost makes them normal. However, one that stands out from the rest is an image of the legendary Sailor Moon.

Drawn by an unknown artist, this image depicts Sailor Moon dissecting a body and chewing on a freshly ripped-off leg. The scene seems to take place in the kitchen with the body sprawled on the counter top. Adding a little flair to the drawing is Luna, the black cat, in the background chomping on a bowl of entrails. Disturbing to say the least. (NOTE: We ran the image above through grayscale to make it slightly less gruesome.)


Wonder Woman is an Amazonian beauty. She’s a strong, fierce warrior that is ruling the box office, as well as the hearts and minds of millions of fans. That being said, wouldn’t you love to see her re-imagined as a manatee? Of course you would!

In artist Joel Micah Harris’ image, you see the iconic female character as a sea cow. However, Harris didn’t just paint a costume over the form of a manatee. No, he made sure to add the bangles, the lasso, tiara, and even the long, curly hair! While you probably won’t see Wonder Womanatee fighting alongside Superman and Batman anytime soon, there’s no denying that it would make for an interesting story. Maybe for the Wonder Woman film sequel, they’ll shock the world and show us Wonder Woman's quest to unite... humanatee?


You know what Pokémon is missing? Sex appeal! Deviant Art user Nancher sure thinks so. We don’t have enough time to go into the whole “furry” thing, but suffice to say, lots and lots of people online enjoy drawing sexy versions of animal-based characters. Perhaps, none is more disturbing than Nancher’s own Pikachu drawing.

Pikachu is an adorable pokémon that has become the most famous mascot for the franchise. Pikachu is normally portrayed as a mouse-like creature, but not here. Nancher made sure to give Pikachu the curves of a Playboy Playmate. Now, don’t worry, there’s no genitalia or nipples to be seen. Clearly, the artist is trying to keep this family-friendly. This image with either ruin your childhood, or open up an entire new world for you. (NOTE: We added the Pokeballs to make it slightly less scandalous.)


Have you ever wondered what Batman’s skeletal structure looked like? Maybe you’ve wondered what his brain and lungs would look like, as well? You’re in luck! Artist NYCHOS has created an image of the Michael Keaton Batman showing what would happen if you sliced him right down the middle and dissected him. It’s really gross and disturbing, but also absolutely stunning!

Everything’s here. You have the skull, spine, lungs, brain, tongue, and just about every other organ and bodily system on display. It’s fascinating, but also the stuff of nightmares. The amount of detail in the art is impressive, to say the least. This is a true artist at work, showcasing just how gross our bodies are, but in a beautiful way. Now you can say that you’ve seen Batman’s kidneys, and we think that's important. (NOTE: We ran the image above through grayscale to make it slightly less gruesome.)


For those that aren’t aware (and count yourselves as lucky!), there is a huge subculture online of people who love to draw Shrek in weird situations with other characters. Sometimes he’s making out with a character from Sonic the Hedgehog. Sometimes he’s impregnated SpongeBob SquarePants. In this image from Deviant Art user Stalker666 (probably not his real name), we have Shrek and Batman sharing a banana.

If you are to believe the situation presented here, Batman is so hungry for a banana that his pal Shrek is willing to share his, as long as he eats it out of his mouth. There’s nothing weird about that, right? Well, unless you take into consideration the sexual undertones and the incredibly unique art style. Once you see this image, it will lead you down a spiral of weird Shrek art. When you go down that spiral, there’s no coming back. You’ve been warned.


It wouldn’t be a weird and disturbing fan art list without the requisite incest picture. In a perhaps oddly sweet drawing from artist Mdashes, we see two brothers giving each other a hug. This is just a unique hug that involves Thor approaching from behind and pressing Loki into the wall. Nothing weird about that.

Just kidding. This is an example of the thousands of pieces of art showing Thor and Loki in various states of lovemaking. Thankfully for you, we’ve decided to include one where the incest is just implied. There are far more explicit works of art only a Google search away. This picture just scratches the surface of this subset of superhero fan art, but we think it's a great introduction. There is fan fiction, art, and roleplay groups all over devoted to the love affair between these two brothers. So... there's that!

Have you seen any fan art that shook you to the core? Let us know in the comments!

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