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Dark Castle Disney Fanart

for decades, an iconic shot of cinderella's castle has opened every single disney feature to hit the big screen. the magical white palace (or some variation thereof) serves as the most recognizable symbol of the house of mouse, second only to mickey himself. it's the ultimate monument to the happy

endings disney fairy tales have made an essential part of its brand. that's what makes it so damn creepy to see such a foreboding version of it.

this shot of cinderella's castle at disney world looks like disney opened a park in some post-apocalyptic dystopia á la 1984 or even a still from 2013's disturbing af escape from tomorrow. it's actually a photo taken on a rainy day by kayla snyder . pretty astonishing how a few contrast tweaks can transform one of the most recognizable brands in the world, huh?

Inside Out Disney Disturbing Fanart
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