D'Israeli brings 'Biting the hand that fed me' to artbomb.net

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BITING THE HAND THAT FED ME, an original web comic from creators D'Israeli and Molly Eyre, will debut at artbomb.net on Tuesday, July 16th. BITING THE HAND joins Warren Ellis and Colleen Doran's SUPERIDOL and Andi Watson s SUNBLOCK as original, full color comics only available at: http://www.artbomb.net.

"This goes back to what I got into comics for; producing work which will hopefully make you laugh and make you think," comments D'Israeli, "Plus I got to gently mock my granny, and it's a fine thing to be paid for that."

D'Israeli is the acclaimed illustrator of Warren Ellis science-fiction classic, LAZARUS CHURCHYARD, and Ian Edginton's dark fantasy, KINGDOM OF THE WICKED. He has also contributed to Neil Gaiman's SANDMAN, Grant Morrison s KILL YOUR BOYFRIEND, and Matt Wagner's GRENDEL.

Molly Eyre, a British writer new to American audiences, adds, "The challenge I set myself in writing BITING THE HAND was not only to try and exploit the possibilities of a non-linear medium like the web, but to come up with a story which would benefit from that sort of treatment. It's been an exciting opportunity, and I think we've taken advantage of it."

Peter Aaron Rose, co-founder of artbomb, fondly recalls the afternoon he met D'Israeli and Molly for pancakes. "They were both very, very excited about this dark, psychological horror story that they had come up with. Insects, non-linear storytelling, D'Israeli s grandmother... I was quite overwhelmed - so I immediately signed up for the project. It's definitely the most ambitious comic we ve commissioned.

"And the pancakes were absolutely first rate."

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