Disney's 'Star Wars' lands may be even cooler than we imagined

With construction of the Star Wars theme lands beginning just last month at Disneyland and Disney World, we have years of rumors to look forward to -- but this early one is awfully promising.

We already know a fair amount about the 14-acre areas at the two theme parks, which will feature as their centerpiece a Millennium Falcon attraction that will allow visitors to pilot the fastest ship in the galaxy, and another that places guests in the middle of a battle between the Resistance and the First Order.

There will also be a street market, a cantina and an upscale dinner club. According to fan site Making Star Wars, we can add to that "Force Opportunities," interactive features placed throughout the Star Wars land that will visitors to pretend to use the Force.

Citing "someone in the know," the website contends that the primary "Force Opportunity" will allow one special child at one moment each day to "levitate" a large object -- perhaps a rock or a ship -- in a feature compared to King Arthur’s Sword in Fantasyland. It's suggested there could be other, small "Force Opportunities" that occur more often, while others may only pop up once or twice a day.

No date has yet been announced for the opening of the two Star Wars lands.

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