Disney+'s Loki Will Offer Him a Shot at Redemption - Again

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Fans were undoubtedly left heartbroken when Thanos crushed the Marvel Cinematic Universe's god of mischief. Thanks to some temporal meddling by the Avengers, the oft-misunderstood Asgardian has returned and is set to embark upon new adventures in the upcoming Disney+ series, Loki.

A lot of details regarding the series are being kept secret. However, actor Tom Hiddleston was able to reveal a few interesting tidbits in an interview with MTV News. He began by saying that the show will be funny, thanks to Rick and Morty writer Michael Waldron. Hiddleston then noted that this version of Loki will once again be that of 2012, back when he had seemingly embraced his dark side. The show will present him with "a whole other set of challenges," presumably ones that will allow the son of Laufey to once again find redemption -- or come close to it -- by the end of the six-hour miniseries.

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Loki was far from heroic in 2012. In fact, it was his horrific plan to rule Earth that necessitated the creation of the Avengers. He stole the Tesseract and opened a portal that allowed a Chitauri army to flood New York City. Opportunities for redemption arose several times, but he remained a villain. It wasn't until Thor: Ragnarok in 2017 that he proved to himself and his brother that he wasn't as monstrous as he tried to be.

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As the award-winning actor mentioned, the fans tuning in to Disney+ will already know who Loki is on the inside, having seen him grow over the course of a decade. It will certainly make his potential redemption in Loki, from the misguided, conniving villain to something more heroic, much easier to swallow.

Loki, starring Tom Hiddleston, is set to hit Disney+ sometime in Spring 2021. Rick & Morty writer Michael Waldron has been set as the showrunner for the series.

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