Disney's Hero Squad #1

Story by
Art by
Paul Murry, Roberta Migheli
Colors by
Eric Cobain
Letters by
Deron Bennett
Cover by
BOOM! Studios

Pulling the "Ultraheroes" from "Walt Disney Comics and Stories" into an ongoing series of their own, BOOM! has managed to push more Disney-related product into the hands of comic readers. From the cover, this title seems to tread the line closer to the superhero-driven comics than standard Disney fare, but the stories inside are pure Disney.

A race to claim scattered artifacts (seven ultrapods) has driven the Ultraheroes to the very ends of the Earth -- or, at least, Ponga island! -- to claim the pods before the Sinister 7 can find the pods and use them for world domination.

The art is less "classic" in the story here and much more in line with the style in use for "Walt Disney Comics and Stories." The differences between the two styles may seem pretty subtle, but Paul Murry art from 1965 in the "Super Goof" backup story gives readers a chance to compare styles with a quick back and forth flip between stories. The story from 1965 seems simpler -- and it is -- in the coloring and drawings of these characters, but the story itself is more dense than the modern tale being offered up first in this book.

This is a series definitely geared toward younger readers and devotees of the Disney comic legacy. It falls short of being dramatic or exciting, but it does provide a lot of activity, as well as a few chuckles. The drama between Donald and Daisy and their alter egos plays out quite comically as they march towards the other's house to profess their true feelings, only to fall into another Donald Duck rant-inspired argument.

BOOM! has definitely found an audience for their Disney comic product, otherwise they wouldn't be adding new titles. This title gives younger hands and littler eyes something to look at, pick up, and enjoy on the exciting trip to the comic shop.

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