Disney's animated classics, reimagined in Tim Burton's style

Filmmaker Tim Burton's style is nothing if not distinctive, recognizable in both look and tone across works ranging from Beetlejuice to The Nightmare Before Christmas to Frankenweenie. Now one fan has channeled that unmistakable signature for a series of posters that images what beloved Disney animated films might look like had they been directed by Burton.

Artist Andrew Tarusov tackles 10 classics, including The Little Mermaid, The Lion King and 101 Dalmatians, leaving us to wonder just how much more tragic the stories of Bambi and Dumbo might've become in Burton's hands (of course, we've already seen the director's take on Alice in Wonderland, with his live-action remake of Dumbo in development). I would, however, love to see his take on Cruella de Vil.

Check out some of Tarusov's posters below, and see the rest on his website.

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