Disney Shows Off Massive Star Wars Land Site in Drone Video

Star Wars is big -- that’s no secret -- but the upcoming Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge is downright massive. Granted, no one really expected Disney’s latest project, the revamping of roughly 14 acres into a dedicated Star Wars Land, to be small affair, but a newly released drone video shows off just how much work is going into the still-under construction attraction.

Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge, colloquially referred to as Star Wars Land, is an attraction slated to come to several major Disney theme parks around the world. This particular video comes from the construction site over at the Disneyland Resort in Anaheim, California.

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The site will be transformed into the alien world of Batuu when construction is complete. The attraction will mirror an otherworldly space port populated by aliens and smugglers. Everything will be fully interactive. Guests will be able to visit various attractions inside the site, and even stay at a Star Wars-themed hotel. Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge is slated to open at Disneyland and the Florida-based Disney World in 2019.

Disney hasn’t been shy about promoting Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge. The company released concept art advertising its Star Wars-themed hotel earlier this month, and last year promised that the park area would be an “immersive experience” where guests would be encouraged to dress the part of a “resident of the galaxy.”

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