Watch Disney XD's Very First Ant-Man Animated Short

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The Disney XD channel has debuted online its first of six animated Ant-Man shorts that are scheduled to air on the network over the weekend. The short, “Science Fair,” while air on Saturday, June 10 on Disney XD along with two other shorts, “Alien Invasion” and “Soup Time,” while the episodes “Exterminator,” “Proton Cube” and “Not a Date” will air on Sunday, June 11.

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The short follows Scott Lang as he takes his daughter, Cassie, to her school’s science fair. Cassie has brought a paper mache volcano to the fair that is intended to show the chemical reaction between vinegar and baking soda. Scott quickly realizes he has forgotten the baking soda, though, and goes on a stealth mission as Ant-Man to acquire the ingredient. He runs into his nemesis Yellowjacket, though, and must fight his way to the baking soda and the love of his daughter.

The television air dates for the shorts are as follows. All shorts will air on Disney XD at the following times:

Saturday, June 10

  • 7:58 am, ET/PT: "Science Fair"
  • 11:58 am, ET/PT: "Alien Invasion"
  • 2:58 am, ET/PT: "Soup Time"

Sunday, June 11

  • 11:28 am, ET/PT: "Exterminator"
  • 5:28 am, ET/PT: "Proton Cube"
  • 8:58 am, ET/PT: "Not a Date"

“Science Fair” runs just under two minutes. The remaining five shorts look to fall within that timeframe, as well. The shorts were produced by Oscar-award winning Passion Pictures Animation and Passion Paris.

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