Disney Wants Drew Struzan For <i>Star Wars: Episode VII</i> Poster

You know Drew Struzan's work even if you don't know his name. He's the artist responsible for the posters for the Star Wars, Indiana Jones, Harry Potter and Back to the Future franchises. And now he reveals Disney is trying to draw him out of retirement to work on Star Wars: Episode VII.

"Never say never," Struzan told Fanhattan. "I got a couple calls already this week on Star Wars from Disney. Oh, my God, I’m trying to be retired! You know, I spent 35 years painting Star Wars. I painted Star Wars before most of you were born! But I guess there is always a chance."

He continued, "There’s no intention. But I would love to have a day off every now and again, and I have to work a weekend and all through the night. If the opportunity arises, it will be a real temptation. But it’s going to have to be a real temptation to get me away from my wife and my little grandkids and my family. Away from the green trees and the blue skies for a change instead of just locked in the studio. But, you know, never say never. All things are possible."

For the record, Struzan isn’t doing a very good job at being retired anyways. He recently made a painting for the third season of Being Human, and also worked on a poster for The Walking Dead in 2010. It would be fantastic if Struzan did come on board for the upcoming Star Wars film (and hopefully films) because his gorgeous poster art is one of the most iconic parts of the movie series' legacy.

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