Disney veteran pays tribute to Flash Gordon with animated short

Animator and storyboard artist Robb Pratt is a Disney veteran whose credits range from Pocahontas to Kim Possible to Planes, but you may best recognize his name from the 2011 fan short "Superman Classic" and its followup "Superman Classic: Bizarro." Now he's back, with another animated homage to another Golden Age icon: Flash Gordon.

Like Pratt's previous shorts, "Flash Gordon Classic" was animated on paper, "with a few digital tricks mixed in." The result is a beautiful remake of "The Tunnel of Terror," the second episode of the 1936 Flash Gordon serial. The women here are far more scantily dressed than in the original (and Dale Arden is downright ... jiggly), but that may be intended as a nod to Alex Raymond's comic strips.

Pratt also enlists some high-quality voice talent, with Smallville veteran Eric Johnson reprising his television role as Flash Gordon, G.K. Bowes (Bleach: Memories of Nobody) as Dale Arden, Joe Whyte (Tarzan, The Emperor's New Groove) as Dr. Zarkov, John Newton (Superboy, "Superman Classic") as Ming the Merciless, and Jennifer Newton ("Superman Classic") as Princess Aura.

Check out the short below.

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