Disney to Reboot "The Rocketeer" With Black Female Lead

"The Rocketeers," a "sequel-reboot" of 1991's "The Rocketeer," is officially in development at Disney. According to The Hollywood Reporter, the new franchise will be headlined by a black female lead character.

"The Rocketeers" will take place six years after the original Rocketeer disappeared while fighting the Nazis. In his absence, a young African-American pilot dons the jetpack in order to stop a scientist from using technology to turn the tide of the Cold War.

The film is currently in its earliest stages, though Max Winkler and Matt Spicer are on board to write the script. "The Jungle Book's" Brigham Taylor is also attached as producer alongside the L.A. Clippers' Blake Griffin and the Carolina Panthers' Ryan Kalil. Tendo Nagenda and Chaz Salembier will oversee for Disney.

The 1991 film was based on the indie comic book series "The Rocketeer" by Dave Stevens. Published in the 1980s, the book is a love letter to the serials of the 1930s and 1940s and told the adventures of Cliff Secord, who used his jetpack to fight gangsters, Nazis and more.

Though the original film was considered a box office failure, it has developed cult classic status over the years since its release. "The Rocketeer" boasted stars like Billy Campbell, Jennifer Connelly, Timothy Dalton and Alan Arkin.

"The Rocketeers" does not yet have a release date.

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