Disney Star Ming-Na Wen Responds to Live-Action Mulan Controversy

The upcoming live-action Mulan remake became the subject of controversy after its star, Liu Yifei, expressed support for the Hong Kong Police and their brutal actions in the Hong Kong Protests. Despite the ensuing #BoycottMulan movement, both Disney and Liu have opted to remain silent on the matter.

At D23 on Friday, actress Ming-Na Wen, who voiced Mulan in the animated classic, commented on the situation in an interview with Variety. Wen stated, "we are living in a world right now where there's so much change and confusion and lot of stress." The actress then added, "I hope that there is good resolution and peace and people will find a way," before seemingly offering one final message of hope, "ultimately, the truth and the goodness of people win out and history proves that time and time again. So, we'll see."

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The Macau-born star was honored with the Disney Legend Award at D23 for her contributions to the company. Wen provided her vocal talents to Mulan and has for the past six years starred in Marvel's Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. as the highly-skilled operative, Melinda May. Her stance on the Hong Kong Protests seems to be in keeping with the outwardly neutral position taken by Disney as a whole in its silence.

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The ongoing Hong Kong Protests have slowly gathered attention and support from nations worldwide, including the United States. Recently, demonstrators stood together and formed the "Hong Kong Way," a human chain spanning 30 miles across Hong Kong. The peaceful protest of the Communist Party of China (CCP) and Hong Kong government inspired by the 1989 "Baltic Way," caused sympathetic human chains to form in several cities across the globe. The upcoming Mulan remake has been drawn into the conflict and used by both sides, symbolizing patriotism in the Chinese narrative and the CCP's hypocrisy in that of protesters.

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