First Look at Disney Junior's Rocketeer Animated Series

Dan Stevens' fan-favorite pulp superhero The Rocketeer has officially been reimagined for children's animation.

At the Annecy Animation Festival in France, Disney unveiled several animated series it has in development, including a first look at its animated adaptation of The Rocketeer. While no release date was provided, the audience was shown early test animation for the series, with the upcoming show slated to be done in CGI rather than traditional hand-drawn animation.

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Announced in February, the animated adaptation of The Rocketeer will air on Disney Junior sometime in 2019. Targeting two- to five-year-old audiences, the series follows the adventures of six-year-old Kit Seacourt and is set in present-day, as opposed to the comic book and live-action film, which took place in 1938.

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The series picks up when Kit receives a mysterious package containing the Rocketeer's iconic rocket pack, helmet and costume. She will team up with her friend Tesh and Uncle Ambrose to save the day as the new Rocketeer. With her early childhood-friendly catchphrase "Never fear, I'm the Rocketeer," Kit will take to the skies for a new generation. Each episode of Rocketeer will feature two 11-minute segments, one of which will contain an original song.

"It’s a piece of IP that is very alive at Disney," Disney Channels Worldwide Executive Vice President Nancy Kanter explained. "And we imagined who could be the Rocketeer for this generation of kids."

The Rocketeer is expected to blast off for young audiences on Disney Junior sometime in 2019.

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