Disney Returning to <i>Wonderland</i>

Disney is headed down the rabbit hole yet again. The studio is planning a sequel to the 2010 hit Alice in Wonderland, which itself was a sequel of sorts to Lewis Carroll's beloved story.

Variety reports Linda Woolverton, who's written everything from Beauty and the Beast and The Lion King to the upcoming Maleficent and Tim Burton's Alice in Wonderland, is returning for the project. The site reports that plot details are being kept under wraps.

There's no mention here whether Burton, Mia Wasikowska or Johnny Depp will be returning for the project, but it seems to go without saying that they will. Alice in Wonderland earned more than $1 billion at the box office and also won Oscars for art direction and costume design. Following that success, it only makes sense that the three talents would want to return -- or be required to come back -- for the sequel.

It's worth noting that this isn't the only Alice in Wonderland project in the works. Both NBC and The CW are both developing series based on Carroll's classic novel.

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