Disney is Pulling that 20-Minute Frozen Short from Coco

Olaf's Frozen Adventure met something it simply couldn't overcome -- a cold audience reception.

Disney's short movie Olaf's Frozen Adventure, the latest adventure to take place in the massively popular world of Frozen, will be pulled from showings of Pixar's Coco starting Dec. 8. According to an interview with Entertainment Weekly, the short was a limited released, but it certainly doesn't help that audiences hated it and its staggering length.

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The 22-minute short, which played after the usual pre-movie ads and trailers for upcoming releases, drew criticism from fans and families who lamented its overwhelming runtime. All told, audiences were looking at a nearly 40-minute wait before they could actually watch the movie they paid to see.

Reviews and audience reception for Coco, which delivers a magical and musical story revolving around Mexico's Dia De Los Muertos, have been very strong. However, much of the conversation about the Thanksgiving weekend-set release was overshadowed by the vocal frustration directed at the Olaf-led short movie.

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Originally planned as a Christmas special that would have aired on ABC Television, Disney heads instead chose to tack the short onto the thatrical release of their next, highly-anticipated film. However, it was recently confirmed that this shortened run of Olaf's Frozen Adventure was always the plan. With Olaf removed from theaters as of next Friday, audiences will finally be able to enjoy Coco fully -- with 20 minutes to spare.

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