REPORT: Disney+ Is Poised to Be An Immediate Subscription Success

While Disney+ may be months away from its wide launch in the United States, early forecasting indicates the premium streaming service will be a strong success.

A survey by Ampere Analysis has revealed that customer awareness of the service is widespread, and a significant part of those polled plan to subscribe for the digital platform when it launches in November. Over a thousand respondents were polled, with 22% confirming plans to subscribe to the service.

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34% of those polled who identified being aged 18-24 planned to subscribe at launch, and 36% of those polled from households with children also plan to subscribe. Those who are looking to sign upon launch cite the service's planned library of films as the biggest factor for their interest, not necessarily the much hyped exclusive programming offered by the platform.

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Interestingly, most of those polled who currently have a Netflix subscription have noted that they have no plans to cancel their existing Netflix subscription. Audiences see the two services as complementary rather than in direct competition with one another, even as Disney plans to end licensing the majority of its content to Netflix by 2020.

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Disney+ is expected to launch in North America on November 12.

Via The Hollywood Reporter

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