Marvel Studios' What If Teaser Confirms Marvel Zombies

Marvel Zombies Spider-Man Featured

The beauty of Marvel’s What If…? specials has always been that anything is possible. Heroes going dark? They’ve got it. Side characters getting crazy superpowers? Oh, that’s there too. Origin stories playing out ever so differently? What If…? has you covered. Now that the series of speculative comic book specials is coming to Disney+, though, there are some stories fans want to see adapted more than others.

One of those stories is, of course, Marvel Zombies. Initially released as a fun side story, the horror-themed alternate reality tale rose up and took on a life of its own. Today at D23 Expo, a teaser for the series confirmed that the fan-favorite undead yarn will be adapted as part of the animated What If…? series heading to Disney+.

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The presentation also confirmed a handful of other storylines, including Peggy Carter becoming Captain America and Steve Rogers becoming Iron Man. Also confirmed was that the Watcher Uatu would be the series’ narrator. The series will reunite much of the Marvel Cinematic Universe’s cast to play their respective roles in animated form.

A Marvel Zombies adaptation has long been rumored for the Disney+ series. In July, a teaser for What If…? included an image of a zombified Captain America, leading many to believe it was only a matter of time before Earth’s Ravenous Heroes shambled their way from page to screen.

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