REPORT: Disney Plus Is Planning a Villain-Centric Series

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From Gaston to Maleficent, Disney movie villains are among the most iconic evildoers in cinematic history, ranging from cool-but-cruel to downright terrifying. Now, a new report suggests they'll soon be getting their own series soon on the Disney+ streaming service.

As revealed on Production Weekly's Twitter, the series -- simply titled Disney Villains -- is being developed by Once Upon a Time executive producer Steve Pearlman and Quantico executive producer Michael Seitzman, with production slated to begin in the second quarter of 2020. No other information, such as whether it will be live-action or animated, has been made available.

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This isn't the first time the villains of Disney have been given major focus, as versions of them were featured in the aforementioned Once Upon a Time, which included some interesting takes on the characters. On the more family-friendly side, their children are the stars of Disney's Descendants franchise, which sees four of them become better people than their villainous progenitors.

While Disney films tend to be known for being lighthearted with some dark elements, this series shows that the company isn't afraid to give its' more sinister characters their moment in the limelight, and letting the poor unfortunate souls who are fans of them enjoy seeing what adventures they may have.

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Produced by Steve Pearlman and Michael Seitzman, the Disney Villains series currently has no cast, plot details or air date announced.

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