Disney+ Password Sharing Addressed by Disney CEO

With just one more day until the launch of Disney+, Walt Disney CEO Bob Iger spoke on the common practice of password sharing among users.

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"We're setting up a service that is very family-friendly, we expect families to be able to consume it - four live streams at a time, for instance," Iger said. "We'll watch it carefully with various tools, technology tools, that we have available to us to monitor it. But it's obviously something we have to watch."

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Password sharing is an inevitable practice for non-subscribers given how it's not forcefully restricted by most companies. Even the flagship streaming platform Netflix says it's aware of their situation but has no plans to combat it.  Meanwhile, former HBO CEO Richard Plepler claimed that password sharing had "no impact on the business," and called it a "terrific marketing vehicle for the next generation of viewers."

Whether Disney plans to be more direct when it comes to password sharing remains to be seen. Either way, Disney+ is in the digital streaming subscription landscape.

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