Disney+ Will Have Far Less Content Than Other Streaming Services

When Disney+ launches this November, the streaming service will offer far less content than its competition. However, the content that will be offered on the service will be of higher quality.

A new study from Ampere Analysis has revealed that Disney+ will include 7,500 episodes of current and past TV shows and 500 movies, or rather, just 16% of Netflix's U.S. library. For comparisons sake, Netflix currently has 47,000 TV episodes and 4,000 film titles. Disney+ will also have a much lighter lineup than the likes of Amazon Prime Video, CBS All Access, Starz Play, HBO Go, and Hulu upon launch, as well.

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It's not entirely surprising that Disney+ will have a lighter lineup when it launches later this year. After all, the other services have all been out for some time now -- most notably Netflix, which continues to grow its library of original content at a rapid pace.

However, per Ampere Analysis, Disney+ does have one slight advantage: Disney's best  content beats both Netflix and Amazon. This is because of the vast library Disney now has access to following the merger with 21st Century Fox.

"Every Disney title will need to guarantee an audience, but with the entirety of Disney and Fox's library to choose from, that's very achievable," Richard Cooper, research director at Ampere Analysis, told Variety.

Disney+ will, of course, be the exclusive home to the prior 30 seasons of The Simpsons -- the long running Fox animated comedy, which is sure to be an added bonus for the streaming service.

However, there's also an impressive library being built exclusively for Disney+, which will include the first ever live-action Star Wars series, The Mandalorian, as well as a plethora of Marvel series being produced by Marvel Studios. First up from Marvel will be Falcon & Winter Soldier, with both Loki and WandaVision to be released in the service's second year.

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It's also worth noting that all future Marvel Studios films will be made available on Disney+ after they finish their theatrical run. Disney previously had a deal in place with Netflix, which ended with Avengers: Infinity War, that saw the films stream on Netflix exclusively upon release. And now that Netflix and Marvel have cut ties, and the streaming giant cancelled Marvel Television's Defenders series, Disney+ is now the go-to for Marvel fans looking for more of the Marvel Cinematic Universe on the smaller screen.

Disney is currently forecasting a massive 60-90 million subscribers by end of fiscal year 2024, and in order to hit that target, the House of Mouse will be investing heavily in Disney+ going forward. Per the report, the goal is to have 50 original series and 10 original films and specials on Disney+ by the end 2024, situating Disney+ to become a viable streaming competitor in the coming years.

The Disney+ streaming service will launch on Nov. 12, 2019.

(via Variety.)

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