Disney+ Unveils Animated Lineup with Monsters Inc, 101 Dalmatians Series


Since it was announced in early 2018, the list of films and television shows that fans will have access to on Disney+ has steadily grown. With so many properties under the House of Mouse's roof, including franchises such as the Marvel Cinematic Universe, Star Wars and others, the upcoming service is set to provide some serious competition for Netflix and Amazon Prime Video.

Properties such as Chip 'n' Dale and Monsters Inc. will soon see a continuation. Disney announced several new television shows at the Annecy International Animation Festival, including a Chip 'n' Dale animated reboot series, 101 Dalmatian Street and new details about the previously announced Monsters at Work.

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"Animation continues to be one of the cornerstones of Disney magic and story-telling, across Disney Channels and excitedly, now on the new streaming platform, Disney+," said Hélène Etzi, VP of animation and country manager at Walt Disney Company France. "As a company, we are privileged to work with so many creative masterminds, both here in France and across Europe, who are first in class when it comes to relaying timeless stories for all members of the family."

The Chip 'n' Dale reboot will include 39 episodes at seven minutes each and will focus on the chipmunk duo living in the big city. 101 Dalmatian Street, which has already aired in the UK and Ireland, will focus on the famous litter of puppies living in London.

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Other shows include Bluey, an animated series about a Blue Heeler dog and her friends, which Disney acquired from BBC Studios; Amphibia, a series about a teenage girl who is transported to a world of frogs; and Ghost Force, a show about a group of teenage superheroes.

Disney+ will launch on Nov. 12.

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