Disney+ Plagued With Problems Following Early Morning Launch

Disney and many of its notable subsidiaries have spent the last year building excitement for the Disney+ streaming service. Thanks to Disney's acquisition of companies such as Marvel, Lucasfilm, National Geographic, Fox and more, the service comes stocked with classics from all across cinema and television, which is why millions across the U.S. have been looking forward to its launch.

Unfortunately, soon after the service was officially made available at midnight (Pacific) on Nov. 12, thousands of Disney+ subscribers reported that they were unable to access the collection of films and shows due to a wide variety of technical issues ranging from log-in problems to general streaming and connectivity issues. According to the outage website, Down Detector, the number of technical issues present came close to 7,000.

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It didn't take long for unhappy consumers to start venting online. However, none of this was unexpected. Disney's Direct-to-Consumer and International unit head Kevin Mayer did warn that there were likely to be technical issues upon launch, as is expected with any new service. These issues will likely be tended to soon and users can probably look forward to a much smoother streaming experience in the coming days.

Disney+ is available now in the U.S., Canada and the Netherlands. It will launch on Nov. 19 in Australia and New Zealand, with content from Disney, Pixar, Marvel, Star Wars and National Geographic.

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