10 Things Revealed In The Toy Story 4 Trailer

The Toy Story franchise has long been the crowning jewel of Pixar. This is the film that introduced the ground-breaking animation studio to the world and, unlike some other Pixar movies, the subsequent sequels have been equal to, if not better than the original.

With the sob-inducing ending to Toy Story 3, many assumed that would be it for Woody, Buzz and the other toys. But much to fans’ surprise, Toy Story 4 was announced as the conclusion to the franchise. With a summer release approaching, we’ve seen only brief footage from the film in the short Super Bowl trailer. However, that teaser did hint at what we can expect from the sequel. Have a look at what we know so far.

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10 The Carnival Setting

One of the most interesting aspects of the new movie is the exciting new setting. From what we see in the trailer, a significant portion of the film could be set at a carnival. The footage revealed the characters visiting this children’s fair and meeting new characters.

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It’s possible that the trailer is being deceptive with the carnival only plays a small role in the final film, but it does offer a lot of potential. The colorful surrounding, the various rides, the opportunities to introduce all kinds of new toys – this inspired setting could make for a unique and exciting adventure for Woody and the gang.

9 Bo Peep’s Role

One of the earliest things we heard about this fourth film was that Bo Peep would be featured prominently. Bo Peep was presented as something of a love interest for Woody in the previous films, but in Toy Story 3 we find out she was given away with most of Andy’s other toys.

Apparently, her absence from the third film was only to set-up her much larger role in this film. Sure enough, she is front-and-center with Woody in the footage we see. It will be interesting to see how the movie will push this supporting character to the forefront.

8 Her New Look

Much has been made about the new look Bo Peep will be sporting in Toy Story 4. While the trailer is brief, we do get a pretty good look at just how drastic this new character design is.

The Bo Peep that we knew before was all done up in a fancy pink dress and bonnet. This new take on the character looks like she’s in full-blown warrior mode. It seems like the new look speaks to what Bo Peep has been through since we last saw her and certainly makes her a more intriguing character.

7 Woody And Buzz Separated

The first Toy Story was all about the antagonistic relationship between Woody and Buzz. While they started out as enemies, the two have grown to become the best of friends. But since becoming friends, the movies always seem to find a way to separate them – and the trend looks to continue here.

In the trailer, we see Woody and Bo Peep expecting Buzz who, unbeknownst to them, has been offered as a prize in a carnival game. This could be a small bit within the larger film or it could mean the two are separated for most of another movie.

6 Buzz In Trouble

Despite being a movie about talking toys, the Toy Story franchise has put its plastic characters in some very real peril. With the footage showing Buzz all alone in the carnival, it could be his turn to face the danger.

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The footage plays Buzz’s dilemma for laughs, but that could be a small part to his bigger struggle to get out of the carnival and reunite with the other toys. Buzz is probably the most capable of the toys on his own, so we won’t worry too much. But we don’t think we can handle something like the Toy Story 3 furnace scene again.

5 Pixar References

One of the special things for Pixar fans is looking for all the Easter eggs the filmmakers sprinkle throughout all their film. People search every frame of film in the Pixar library looking for those small references to other Pixar films.

Judging by the trailer, that spirit is alive and well in Toy Story 4. In just that short bit of footage. Fans are able to spot references to Coco as well as the always-present Pizza Planet reference. Though it doesn’t mean much to the overall film, these are fun little treats for Pixar lovers to enjoy.

4 New Toys

Every new Toy Story film introduces great new toys to the team. In Toy Story 2 we got Joan Cusack’s endearing cowgirl Jessie. In Toy Story 3, we got Michael Keaton’s hilarious fashion-obsessed Ken. And the fourth film promises to bring in even more new member to the gang.

We know about some of the new recruits, but the trailer gives us a glimpse at two of them. Duck and Bunny are plush toys who appear to be carnival prizes. They also seem to take a quick disliking to Buzz Lightyear.

3 New Voices

Keanu (2016) review - Keegan-Michael Key and Jordan Peele

Tom Hanks and Tim Allen have done an amazing job bringing the characters of Woody and Buzz to life. And, as a measurement of the brilliance of Pixar, plenty of other big names have lent their voices to some Toy Story characters.

There have been some confirmations about which actors will be joining the cast of Toy Story 4, including Keanu Reeves, Betty White and Mel Brooks. The trailer, however, confirms the exciting inclusion of Keegan-Michael Key and Jordan Peele. These two obviously work great together and it will be a treat to see them have some fun as Duck and Bunny.

2 The Other Toys

As much as Woody and Buzz have been the main focus of these movies, so much of the heart of these movies comes from the other memorable toys. There’s Rex, the anxiety prone dinosaur. The cantankerous Mr. Potato Head. And Ham, the sarcastic piggybank. But as significant as these characters are to the series, they are nowhere to be seen in the trailer.

Again, with such a short trailer, they can only show so much. Most likely the others will still play a large role. But there is the possibility that this sequel in going for a more intimate story.

1 Story Is Still A Mystery

With a June 22 release, there’s still a long way to go until Toy Story 4 hits theaters. But with only sparse details being released and very short footage shown, it seems like they are playing their cards close to the best with this one.

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The story description have been pretty vague up until now and there is some speculation that the footage shown in the trailer is not actual footage from the movie. All this could mean that Pixar has a few surprises in store with the final film – and that has us even more excited.

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