Disney's Streaming Service Won't Include Any R-Rated Movies

When Disney's upcoming streaming service launches, it will feature both original content, like a live-action Star Wars series helmed by Iron Man director Jon Faverau and live-action remakes of beloved animated classics Lady and the Tramp and The Sword in the Stone, as well as classic movies and shows. But it sounds like it won't have any R-rated films.

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That's the news coming out of The New York Times, and it's somewhat at odds with the company's prior endeavors into streaming. After all, Disney does own Marvel, which has shown willingness to do projects aimed at adult viewers. Netflix's The Punisher and Jessica Jones, for example, dip into themes of intense violence and sexual assault.

Apparently, Disney has a more family-oriented approach to their own streaming service in mind, which means R-rated entertainment is a no-go. While Disney has been known to tackle darker and more mature subject matter in their projects from time to time, it would be a stretch to think the House of Mouse would approve any sort of projects that go against their family friendly image.

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The currently unnamed Disney streaming service is set to launch sometime in 2019.

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