When You Wish Upon A Sequel: All the Disney Sequels We Need, Now

In recent years, Disney has picked up the habit of returning to old properties and making them into new features. It's not that we haven't seen new films and properties rising from the house of mouse, but we've noticed an increase in familiar faces. Whether you consider this a return to form or re-hashing of old ideas, it's certainly noticeable like a giant neon Mickey head. As the list of live-action remakes continues to grow and we begin to see more sequels with The Incredibles 2, Wreck-It Ralph 2, Mary Poppins Returns, and the inevitable Frozen 2, we find ourselves thinking back to some of our favorite Disney flicks and wondering which films are truly sequel worthy.

We're not saying we haven't enjoyed seeing Ralph, Mary Poppins, and the Incredibles return to the big screen, far from it. But when we hear a title like Frozen 2, we can't help but wonder why some other, more classic characters and films, aren't getting a sequel they could use. Ignoring the horrendous direct-to-video sequels released in the early 2000s, there are certain stories and characters that actually warrant a second entry.  We're not talking about after the happily-ever-after, we're wanting a continuation of an adventure or further time spent in a world we already adore. Here are our picks for Disney films that actually warrant their sequels.

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Mike and Sulley Monsters Inc
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Mike and Sulley Monsters Inc

Just so we're clear, Monsters University was a prequel, not a sequel. There's more than enough room for a sequel to the Pixar buddy comedy. The monster world is so creative and well-designed, and the cast of creatures is lovable and worth another visit. As for a sequel, Pixar need do nothing but shift focus from Mike and Sully to one, seemingly forgotten character, Boo.

Think about it, Boo is a human girl that's been exposed to another world beyond her own. The sequel practically writes itself on that premise. Supposing she remembers her adventure with Mike and Sulley and tries to get back to see them, or maybe Sulley continues to visit her even to adulthood. The heartwarming possibilities are certainly there.


The Rescuers was agreeably one of the more forgettable Disney flicks, but the sequel, The Rescuers Down Under is arguably one of the most underrated films of the Disney Renaissance. Its sweeping views, beautiful sequences, and high-flying adventure through the Australian Outback certainly make it stand out. We'd love to see another adventure in another part of the world with another duo of mice.

We find ourselves asking why the journeys didn't continue or at least inspire a TV show. There's certainly an air of Chip and Dale: Rescue Rangers in the concept. A new pair could take the reigns left by Bianca and Bernard, saving other kids around the globe. There would certainly be more adventures to be had in a great big world.

13 UP

Easily one of Pixar's most memorable features in recent years  Up would definitely be worth a revisit and possibly another adventure. Carl might be getting on in years, but surely he'd be up for one last adventure before retiring permanently to Shady Oaks, and if Russell and Dug are still in the picture, antics will definitely ensue.

Perhaps our favorite balloon seller is a little restless or gets a case of cabin fever and wants to see the world again, maybe he needs an escape from the retirement community, or maybe Russell takes the reigns and he has to go keep him and Dug out of trouble. Either way, we'd like to take one more trip with these colorful characters.


hocus pocus

Perhaps one of the most wished for and hoped for Disney sequels, especially with all the recent '90s nostalgia going around. The world is in desperate want of the Sanderson Sisters' return to the modern realm. Winifred, Sarah, and Mary would have a heck of a time adapting to 2019, but certainly a few spells and musical numbers can remedy that.

All three of the original actresses are still in the game, and we'd love to see them reprise their roles to stalk Salem once more. We're not precisely sure how the witches would make their return, but that's nothing some Disney magic can't fix. It doesn't have to be a perfect movie, it just has to be as fun and ridiculous as the original.


olivia wilde tron legacy quora

Let's face it, Tron: Evolution was basically a Disney-fied Daft Punk video. No offense to the band, but a Tron sequel should be much bigger. Given today's gamer culture, the world of the Programs could face an even bigger threat than a rogue MCP. Think about a game grid the size of an MMO or Programs going toe-to-toe with human players. We're talking Battle of Helm's deep scale here.

A proper sequel to the '80s cult classic would be a battle of the cultures. We'd have to see the programs of old go up against the newer, flashier programs of our modern games and systems. No doubt Tron himself would need some upgrades to contend, but it would certainly make for another sci-fi epic.


One of the forgotten Disney gems, The Rocketeer is a superhero fan's dream. Think of it as a combination of Iron-Man and Indiana Jones. When experimental aviation technology falls into the hands of an airplane mechanic, he becomes The Rocketeer to help win the war for the Allies. But imagine what would happen if that technology reappeared during the Cold War or even days of modern espionage.

Though it might only reach a certain audience, the return of The Rocketeer would be something worth thinking about, maybe even experimenting with as a TV movie. It might need some modifications, but hopefully nothing too drastic. We'd sure love to see it take to the skies once more.


Who doesn't love this silly old bear? Last year's Christopher Robin was an interesting detour into live-action, and it was kind of hit and miss for Pooh and his friends. We think he deserves a proper adventure in the realms of animation, preferably in the traditional style of 2011's Winnie The Pooh.

Taking from the books by A.A. Milne, Pooh and company have plenty of adventures that could hit the big screen once more. The 2011 film was a return to form and formula. Though it was not a grand adventure, it was a mellowed-out delightful visit back to the Hundred Acre Wood. We'd love to see a film like that again, something to turn on and just get a case of the warm fuzzies.



There was a time Robert Zemeckis was in talks for a sequel to 1988's Who Framed Roger Rabbit, even going as far as making test animation of Roger in CGI. Unfortunately, the sequel was condemned to developmental hell and soon fell through. We would have loved to see this loony lapine grace our screens again, but was unfortunately not to be.

What would have been a sequel about Roger fighting in World War II, like so many other cartoon heroes before him, ended up scrapped on the floor and nearly forgotten. It's interesting to consider what the classic toons might look like with a CGI makeover, but maybe they wouldn't be too keen on being strung through a computer program. We may never know.


Ratigan Great Mouse Detective

If ever there was a classic Disney film that warranted a sequel, it's The Great Mouse Detective. Based on the book series by Eve Titus, Basil of Bakerstreet had more than Professor Ratigan to contend with, why not continue the adventures? The film already ends with Basil and Dr. Dawson taking another case, it'd be pretty easy to pick up there and set the game afoot once more.

The sequel could draw references and parallels from both the books and the further adventures of Sherlock Holmes. There are several routes the film could go, loads of room for new concepts. We'd follow this magnificent mouse through the streets of London anytime.


Big Hero 6

We don't know about you, but we definitely can't get enough of that big, inflatable marshmallow known as Baymax. With their animated show on Disney XD and rumors of Tadashi returning as Sunfire, we're crossing our fingers for a sequel sometime in the future. We're certainly up for one more adventure with Hiro, Baymax, and the rest of the team.

A sequel to the animated superhero adventure would be no sweat for Williams and Hall and their creative team at Disney. Give us some more fast-paced comic book action and we'll be on good terms. A new villain, a new rocking soundtrack, a compelling plot, and maybe some new upgrades for Baymax are all we need to get us to the theatres again.


Firebird Fantasia 2000

Though Fantasia 2000 already fills the sequel spot, the title was originally planned to be a series, not just a set. Walt Disney's original plan for what he called "The Concert Feature" was to be an ever-expanding series. It would progress and get bigger with every installment. With today's art-house film scene, Fantasia could easily make a triumphant return.

With new techniques of animation introduced to different pieces of classical music, a new Fantasia can be born. The Disney artists are some of the most talented minds in the world, pair them with some of the most gifted composers and you've got a recipe for success. Here's hoping for a return of a more elegant animated feature.


Pixar's very surreal and very successful animated adventure with the voices in our head really left an impact with audiences. It opened many dialogues about human emotion and behavior and certainly had our wheels turning. We'd love to see the further exploration of Riley's psyche with her vivid cast of emotions.

There is a great deal of potential with the emotion concept. As Riley gets older, perhaps newer, more complex emotions develop. That would be an interesting and thought-provoking concept that could even help some viewers come to grips with their own emotional health. We could see how one might process grief, apprehension, guilt, ambition, desire, or a whole slew of other thoughts. As the saying goes, it's all in the mind.



The Sword in the Stone was notable for its depiction of Merlin and a young King Arthur, but its a prequel. The film was based on the book of the same name by T.H. White, and it is possible Disney could do an adaptation of the young-adult-oriented version of the Arthurian legend. It would be more of an epic than anything else.

Though some creative liberties would be taken, a solid version of the book could still be made if the right moves are followed. Arthur would have to be witty and likable, Merlin would be the source of most of the film's humor, and there's also Guinevere and Lancelot to consider. It wouldn't be the easiest film to make, but it can be done.


With the success of another certain movie with a fox for a lead, who wouldn't want to see a return of the original sly swashbuckler? Prince John might be out of the picture, but we'd never grow tired of seeing Robin Hood swing in and save the day. "The Continuing Adventures of Robin Hood" could have the potential to be a welcome return to Sherwood Forest.

With Robin's return, some new Merrymen of Nottingham, a new threat to people of Sherwood, and perhaps a new country music soundtrack, a sequel could very well come together. Being the fan-favorite that Robin Hood is, a proper sequel would generate a lot of love from his audience, and maybe welcome in some new fans as well.


Nick Wilde Zootopia

Speaking of fan favorites,  Zootopia was not only a very successful film that dethroned Frozen but won Disney yet another Oscar. We love the characters and we adore the world they inhabit. We'd give nearly anything to see the further adventures of our favorite fox and rabbit duo.

Nick and Judy can easily be put on another case to solve, maybe a series of thefts, spy activity, or some other form of crimewave sweeping the streets of Zootopia. They're certainly many a Disney fan's power couple, and we'd love to see more action from the two of them. Zootopia has more than a few loveable characters, good humor, and a world we just want to see more of. It practically begs for a sequel.

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