Disney May Reboot <i>Condorman</i>?

Condorman could be the next property to get rebooted at Disney.

The news comes at us from Moviehole, which got the inside scoop from someone who works "in a producing capacity for animation" at Disney. That person got the information third hand, so this claim is very far from confirmed. However, the news does sound like something the Mouse House could have up its sleeve.

“The idea remains the same," a source tells the site. “Wally. A Brit again. Robert Pattinson’s name has been floated, can you see him going for it? He seems to be into more intellectual things?. Still a pompous cartoonist turned superhero type gets to assist in the deflection of a sexy young KGB agent. Emphasis would be more on action this time around though. They want to steer as far off from Johnny English territory as possible. But there’s talk of doing lots with the Condorman brand."

The source adds that this project might end up being part of the Marvel universe, though "it would all begin with a solo movie -- the obligatory origins movie."

Disney is also said to be considering another superhero reboot. It was revealed in August the studio is bringing The Rocketeer back to the big screen. No word yet on whether that project is going to be folded into the Marvel Cinematic Universe as well or if it will be marketed as a standalone superhero movie.

Inspired by Robert Sheckley's The Game of X, the original Condorman was released in 1981 and starred Michael Crawford and Oliver Reed. It followed comic book illustrator Woodrow Wilkins as he dons his superhero's identity Condorman to help a female KGB agent defect. Like The Rocketeer, it was not received well by critics.

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