Disney, Lucasfilm Trademark Mysterious New Star Wars Title

Star Wars fans may soon become familiar with a new branch of the franchise, if a recent trademark filing is any indication. Max Palas of the site Star Wars Post reported that a trademark has been filed for the title "Star Wars: Rivals."

io9 did their own research and noted that Lucasfilm and Disney filed two trademark applications for "Star Wars: Rivals" on February 23, 2017. One application is for "education and entertainment services," while the other covers, well, pretty much everything else:

Apparatus for recording, transmission or reproduction of sound or images; audio books; audio recordings; audio and visual recordings; video game software; computer programs and software; downloadable electronic publications; downloadable game software; downloadable mobile applications; consumer electronics and accessories therefor; eyeglasses and sunglasses and accessories therefor; binoculars; decorative magnets; graduated rulers; microphones; helmets; flotation vests; protective face masks not for medical purposes; snorkels; swimming goggles; swim masks.

As of now, this is all that's known. Judging by the breadth of items covered by the two trademarks, though, "Star Wars: Rivals" could be the name of a new "Star Wars" TV series or film or video game or something else included in that list. It's possible that like with other Star Wars properties, it could be all of the above (a video game based on a TV series that spun off of a movie).

Currently, Disney XD airs "Star Wars Rebels," which is now in its third season. It's possible that "Rebels" could conclude soon, giving way to a new series titled "Star Wars: Rivals" -- although no word has been given regarding "Rebels" ending anytime soon. It's always possible that "Star Wars: Rivals" will be announced at the upcoming Star Wars Celebration event, which takes place from April 13 to 16 in Orlando, Florida.

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