Disney issues new costume guidelines for marathon weekends

After implementing increased security measures in its theme parks last month, Disney has issued new guidelines for anyone participating in race events like the Star Wars and Avengers Super Heroes half marathon weekends.

Walt Disney Theme Parks and Resorts has already installed metal detectors, banned the sale of toy guns and reaffirmed a moratorium on adults and teenagers wearing costumes.

However, these race rules, released just ahead of the Disney World Marathon, permit participants to wear costumes, as long as they don't include any objects that resemble an actual weapon and aren't "obstructive, offensive, objectionable or violent." Anyone dressed as a Disney character is prohibited from posing for pictures or signing autographs for other guests.

From there, the guidelines get a bit more specific, with participants age 13 and younger permitted to wear a mask, as long as it doesn't cover the entire face, and the eyes remain visible. Those 14 and older can't wear masks, or layered costumes, such as Jedi robes, that might conceal weapons. However, plastic lightsabers are permitted.

It's also important to note that while those 14 and older are permitted to wear costumes at runDisney events, they'll have to change before entering the parks.

You can see the full guidelines on the runDisney blog.

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