Disney Is Developing Its Own Soft 'Humanoid Robots'

Baymax in Big Hero 6

After winning our hearts in "Big Hero 6" with Baymax, the lovable personal healthcare companion, Disney may be about to take humanoid robots to the next, undoubtedly terrifying, level.

CNN reports that Disney has filed a patent application for a "soft body robot for physical interaction with humans." That sounds a lot like Baymax, right?

The similarities don't end there, however, as the robot will "move and physically interact like an animated character."  It has soft skin and body parts, with an upper body that filled with a liquid or gas. Kind of like, well, you know. However, while Baymax was a healthcare provider, and occasional crime fighter, Disney's robot presumably will be used for its theme parks, as the patent application refers to "a character from an animated film or television show." What's more, the entertainment giant seems to pay particular attention to the robot's ability to safely interact with children.

The designs submitted with the Disney application also bring to mind the cuddly, rotund body of Baymax.

Disney has already created a small, "toy-sized" prototype based on an unspecified animated character (our money's on Baymax, again), but there's no word yet when we might see these humanoid robots march through the company's theme parks.

(via Screen Rant)

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