Disney's Streaming Service Finds a Place for Adult-Oriented Content

As expected, Disney's upcoming streaming service Disney+ will host the company's family-friendly entertainment, while adult-oriented content lands on Hulu. Further, the merger will not affect FX networks.

In fact, FX networks will be able to create and produce content for Hulu, which Disney owns the majority of after its acquisition of Fox. Disney aims to keep most of its new acquisitions in tact, save for the expected layoffs -- which could number in the thousands -- that come with large mergers.

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The announcement came from Disney's first quarter 2019 Earnings Call and was confirmed by FX CEO John Landgraf, who -- in an interview with Variety -- said, "It seems quite clear to me that FX wouldn’t be and shouldn’t be a part of Disney Plus, shouldn’t really be directly associated with the Disney brand. They’re just too different. We’re not a family brand at all, and therefore seems crystal clear it’s going to have to be a component of the Hulu strategy. But exactly how that’s going to work, I can’t tell you."

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Disney's recent focus on direct-to-consumer markets seemed to initially center around Disney+ and their family-friendly content, but this news tells us that the company is both keeping FX's approach to content-creation in tact and that they are investing in adult-oriented content in some form, just not on Disney+. In other words, Disney+ will continue to maintain the company's image by presenting family-friendly content, while Hulu will essentially become its adult-content streaming service.

Hopefully, this means that Hulu, in becoming Disney's go-to for more adult-oriented programming, could become the new home of cancelled Netflix Marvel series like Daredevil or Luke Cage. The platform has already featured the mature-themed Marvel's Runaways, but nothing has been confirmed on this front.

Disney+ is set to release some time in late 2019 and will consist of Disney, Marvel and Star Wars films and TV shows, as well as content from National Geographic.

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