Disney's Homepage Already Features Deadpool, Simpsons & More Fox Properties


Almost immediately following the Walt Disney Company's acquisition of 21st Century Fox, the House of Mouse made it clear where a number of beloved Fox properties now reside.

Disney's homepage now contains a new banner featuring many of its most iconic and profitable franchises, most of which correlate to its biggest properties. Rey from Star Wars, Woody from Toy Story, Carol Danvers from Captain Marvel, Elsa from Frozen, etc. However, among the classic Disney properties now exists a few Fox staples, such as The Shape of Water, Avatar, The Simpsons and, perhaps most intriguing of all, Deadpool.

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The Simpsons, being one of the longest-running television shows in history, is an iconic series Disney now owns thanks to its acquisition of Fox's television media. Fox Searchlight Pictures distributed the Best Picture Winner The Shape of Water. Meanwhile, 20th Century Fox released both Avatar and Deadpool.

While Avatar is clearly a property Disney would want to promote front and center, given how Disney acquired the rights to create an Avatar World for its Disney World Resort, Deadpool is more surprising. There was debate leading up to the Fox acquisition over whether Disney would embrace the foul-mouthed franchise known for its raunchy R-rated humor, which might not mesh with Disney's family-friendly persona. However, these concerns appear unfounded, and Disney CEO Bob Iger has already expressed interest in expanding on Fox's R-rated properties.

While it remains to be seen if Disney has interest in other R-rated Fox properties (such as the Alien franchise), it's clear that, for now, Disney is proud to show off its newly acquired assets.

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