Disney Hires Writers For <i>Pete's Dragon</i> Remake

Here's your "no, no, please stop" news of the day: Disney is planning to remake the 1977 fan-favorite Pete's Dragon. Yes, the one with Elliot, the animated dragon who made us all wish we had as cool imaginary friends as the orphan Pete. It turns out the studio has already ordered a screenplay for the new movie, although a director has not been chosen.

Deadline reports that Ain't Them Bodies Saints writer/director David Lowry has been tapped to pen the script with his writing partner Toby Halbrooks. Ain't Them Bodies Saints made waves at Sundance, and it's an interesting choice to have an indie and short film writer like Lowry reinvent a family film. Although he made his feature debut with Ain't Them Bodies Saints, at this point Lowry is acting only as co-writer on Pete's Dragon.

Unlike the 1977 film, this new version will not be a musical. It's unclear if the new movie will be a meld of live-action and animation like the original or something else entirely. Jim Whitaker will act as a producer on the project. The first Pete's Dragon starred Sean Marshall, Mickey Rooney, Shelley Winters and Jim Dale.

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