Disney Has "No Plans" To Make R-Rated Marvel Movies

Following the massive success of Fox's R-rated "Deadpool" film (which has so far made $290 million domestically), a number of comments and announcements from Fox and Warner Bros. have indicated that more mature superhero movies might become more commonplace. Whatever those studios decide to do, though, Disney Chariman Bob Iger made it clear in an investor call today that Marvel Studios will not be following suit.

"We don't have any plans to make R-rated Marvel movies," said Iger, as reported by IndieWire. So far, all 12 Marvel Studios films -- which comprise the Marvel Cinematic Universe -- have been rated PG-13. Iger's comments confirm that that will remain to be true moving forward.

Prior to "Deadpool's" success, restricting a superhero movie's audience to an R-rated crowd seemed like a risky move; Warner Bros.' R-rated "Watchmen" film did less than expected at the box office in 2009. "Deadpool" bucked the trend of PG-13 comic book movies when it announced it would be rated R. The film then blew past expectations of how well an R-rated superhero film could perform by opening at #1, breaking tons of records, and holding on to the top spot for three weeks (and counting).

Following "Deadpool's" success, X-Men franchise producer Simon Kinberg theorized that "X-Force" could potentially get an R and that Fox would be open to the idea of more R-rated Marvel movies. It was then revealed that the studio is targeting an R for the upcoming third "Wolverine" film. Warner Bros. then announced that an alternate, extended home edition of "Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice" will receive an R rating for violence.

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