Disney Previews Guardians of the Galaxy 'Storytelling' Roller Coaster


Soon visitors to Walt Disney World's Epcot theme park will get a chance to immerse themselves in a new attraction featuring the Guardians of the Galaxy, and the roller coaster's vehicle will make the attraction a truly unique experience.

During a morning panel at the IAAPA Attractions Expo in Orlando, Bob Chapek, Chairman of Disney Parks, Experiences, and Consumer Products, shared the ride vehicles for the new indoor coaster, which will be one of the longest in the world.

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Chapek said the team at Disney was referring to the attraction as a "storytelling coaster" because of each ride vehicle's ability to completely immerse guests in the ride's story, instead of simply sending them racing by it. He explained, "On most coasters the vehicles point straight ahead throughout the ride but on this attraction each individual cab will be programmed to direct your eye to the story happening around you."

Video showcasing the way the ride vehicles would work shows an individual cab turning and spinning independently as the coaster continues along its track.

In the sneak peak, it was also revealed that the new attraction's vehicles will be blue, yellow, orange and silver, just like the Guardians' movie spaceship, The Milano.

Chapek added that Disney has already broken ground on the new building for the attraction, noting that the building is "so massive that you could fit four Spaceship Earths inside," a reference to the attraction housed in the iconic "golf ball" geosphere building often used as Epcot's logo.

Epcot's new Guardians of the Galaxy attraction is scheduled to open in 2021 in conjunction with Walt Disney World Resort's 50th anniversary.

(via Inside the Magic)

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