Disney Goes To The Tiki Room

First there was Pirates of the Caribbean, then The Haunted Mansion, and now it appears that the next Disney attraction to get the feature film treatment has roots in the Enchanted Tiki Room -- or does it?

It doesn't, apparently, as a Disney spokesperson has denied that the studio's recent acquisition of Tiki, a spec script from writers Ahmet Zappa and Michael Wilson set against a Polynesian backdrop, has anything to do with the iconic Disney attraction. Regardless of its origin, Zappa and Wilson's Tiki is described by The Los Angeles Times as "an action-adventure that mixes in Polynesian mythology," while The Hollywood Reporter suggests that the film is "set in Hawaii and takes in the culture’s rich reserve of unique gods, embodied by wooden masks and engravings, as well as ghost stories."

In other words, even if this has little do with the Disney attraction, it certainly sounds as if Disney has its next Pirates type franchise in the works.

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