Disney Goes Diverse, Announces <i>Monsters Inc. 2</i>

Disney's new corporate mantra is "diversity of thought," according to its new chairman yesterday - but more than a third of those thoughts had better be directed towards making a hit movie, apparently. Rich Ross unveiled plans for upcoming Disney releases yesterday - including the fourth Pirates of The Caribbean movie and a new Muppets film both for next year, and a sequel to Pixar's Monsters, Inc. for November 2012 - and described the House of Mouse's new way of thinking to a rapt audience, according to the Hollywood Reporter:

Ross emphasized the diversity of the banners under the studio umbrella -- from Disney's bemused and decidedly modern take on the Rapunzel fairy tale in "Tangled" to Pixar, Marvel and DreamWorks' distinctive brands and approaches. But, he added, none has a "silo mentality." ...He emphasized that the tentpole business is crucial to the success of the global Disney brand but that not everything on the slate is a four-quadrant movie. Perhaps four out of 10 Disney pics per year would be genuine tentpoles going forward, he said.

A kinder, gentler, more diverse Disney that doesn't demand everything to be a massive hit? That might be the biggest fairy tale of all that Disney wants to sell.

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