10 Best Relationships In Disney's Gargoyles

Though it's hard to forget the cool characters and battles within Disney's Gargoyles, an equally memorable aspect of the series was the various relationships within its 78-episode run. From the most compelling of romances to the ones that made us want to pull our hair out from the tension, this '90s animated show was full of couples that drove fans (lovingly and legitimately) crazy.

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Now, with the show getting some attention via Disney+, its time to rediscover the most memorable of these relationships. Do they produce those warm and fuzzy feelings within us? Maybe they want to make you write a fanfiction about their non-canon adventures? No matter what the reaction, let's glide through the Manhattan sky and find out the 10 Best Relationships in Disney's Gargoyles!

10 Coldstone (Othello) x Coldfire

Does the thought of being trapped inside the mind of a cyborg gargoyle sound tragic to you? If so, the relationship between Coldstone (once called Othello) and Coldfire will likely tug on your romantic heartstrings.

Once a pair back in Scotland at Castle Wyvern, these two were eventually destroyed during the infamous Viking on gargoyle attack. A thousand years later, Xanatos combined various gargoyle parts and memories to bring the robotic Coldstone to life. In the process, three gargoyle souls were now trapped within, causing different degrees of chaos in the process. Yet even having their souls transferred back and forth, and battling a computer virus, these two have never lost their love for one another.

9 Brooklyn x Demona

In the episode "Future Tense," Goliath returns to Manhattan to discover that 40 years have passed. Xanatos has taken over and ruined everything, including many of Goliath's friends, both physically and emotionally. One of them is Brooklyn, who has gotten together with Goliath's old flame, Demona.

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Though only together in an alternative reality, Brooklyn and Demona have always had an intensity to their relationship. And when you know that Brooklyn is destined to take over from Goliath as the leader of the Manhattan clan, it makes sense that Demona could eventually end up with him if she changed sides.

8 The Magus x Princess Katharine

Though Gargoyles features quite a few creature relationships, there are some compelling human-related ones too. Probably among the most thrilling was the triangle (of sorts) surrounding Princess Katharine, her BFF the Magus, and the farmboy turned knight, Tom.

Right from the beginning of the series, it was evident that the Magus had a thing for Princess Katharine. So when he, her, and Tom all ended up on Avalon with the gargoyle eggs, it seemed that perhaps the romance he envisioned would one day come true. Alas, as the Magus states, "children grow up..." and in doing so, Katharine chooses Tom over Magus - making his affections one of the more tragic ones on the show.

7 Brooklyn x Maggie

Though some would argue otherwise, Brooklyn has always been the trio member with the most swag. When this soon-to-be leader fell for the mutate known as Maggie, fans felt the feels real hard - especially when all of Brooklyn's cool charm seemed to go out the window when encountering the sympathetic new character.

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Brooklyn first encountered Maggie when trying to save her from further lab testing. Eventually, Brooklyn grew to have a crush on her, but after several attempts to help Maggie as her mutations progressed, it was clear she never was going to return his affections. As the series progresses, Maggie eventually ends up with the mutate Talon, and though it takes Brooklyn a while to warm up to Maggie's choice, his support towards her is admirable.

6 Demona x Thailog

As most hardcore Gargoyles fans know, Thailog is not one to ever be trusted. With the strength of Goliath and the smarts of Xanatos, he's always got a trick up his sleeve. Therefore, when it seemed that he and Demona had become a pair, it was an evil match made in heaven.

In one story, the two hatch a plan to get all of Macbeth's wealth. Yet, what Demona didn't realize is that Thailog was trying to get her and Macbeth to kill each other so he could gain their wealth. Clearly, Thailog did not care for Demona as much as he seemed. Of course, she doesn't realize his exact schemes and runs off with him in the end. By most accounts, their romance is a strange, sad one, but seeing these two together is as delicious as it is despicable.

5 Broadway x Angela

No Gargoyles couple is quite as precious as Broadway and Angela. He's the lovable dork turned surprise hero, while Angela is the fish-out-of-water from Avalon. Together, they make an unlikely pair that compliments each other in the best of ways.

When Angela is first introduced to the young trio, all of them seem fascinated with her. But as the series progressed, Angela was drawn to Broadway's gentle nature the most - a fact that becomes even more obvious in an episode where the two are vessels for the souls of lovers Coldstone and Coldfire to temporarily use. After the event, the two gain a bond unlike many seen on the show, the kind that warms many a fandom-filled heart.

4 Margot x Brendan

With a show as intense and majestic as Gargoyles, it's essential to have characters who supply the commentary and comedy to situations the viewers don't fully grasp. That's where Margot and Brendan Yale come in.

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Ever since their first appearance in part three of the "Awakening" series premiere, these two Manhattanites have become one of the best visual gags throughout the series. For no matter how many times they encounter the gargoyles, they always have something important to say, and we adore them for it.

3 Fox x Xanatos

When it comes to couples on Gargoyles, none of them are quite as cool as Fox and Xanatos. She's a TV actress turned criminal mastermind and he's a billionaire playboy with all the brainpower in the world. They're a recipe for dramatic perfection.

From their very first on-screen kiss to their last emotional scene, Fox and Xanatos might seem like they're too posh for romance, but deep down, they're total piles of mush. They've proven their love against various odds - magical parents, enchanted objects, and the American Criminal Justice System. Yet, no matter what the situation, their love always comes out on top.

2 Demona x Goliath

Let's face it, no relationship is quite as tragic as Demona and Goliath's. They are the first sight of romance seen on the show, leaving an impression of real genuine heartbreak that is hard to shake throughout the course of the series.

With Goliath's scream to his "angel of the night" in the first episode, it's quite clear that Demona has left an impact on his life more than we could ever realize. But with the episode "Vows," the deep history of these two becomes even more apparent, and the sad reality of their torn relationship sinks in even more than before.

1 Elisa x Goliath

Obviously, no relationship on Gargoyles can come close to the tension building, theme park ride that is Elisa and Goliath. They are the center romance of the entire series and earned all of the fanart and other kinds of admiration they've gained over the years.

It's a classic tale of a New York no-nonsense cop getting with an impressive mythical creature. Ron Perlman and Linda Hamilton pulled it off in the '80s Beauty and the Beast to some degree, but when it comes to Elisa and Goliath, they've been through it all. Shapeshifting scenarios? Crossing magical dimensions via large bodies of water? Experiencing an It's a Wonderful Life homage episode? They've done it all with style, emotion, and grace.

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