Disney & Fox's Properties Could Remain 'Separate Imprints' After Merger

The long awaited Disney acquisition of Fox is finally nearly finalized and details about Disney's strategy about the soon-to-be properties are becoming public.

A new report claims that the studio is considering maintaining the 20th Century Fox brand as a separate imprint apart from the main Disney brand or merging the two together following the acquisition.

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Reports from earlier this month indicated the acquisition was on track to be completed by the end of March with additional reports that the remaining Fox properties left out of the deal would be rebranded as Fox Corp.

High-ranking Fox executives are expected to take major leadership roles within Disney following the acquisition, including positions with ESPN, ABC and Disney's upcoming premium streaming service, Disney+.

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While the internal dynamics and revised structure of Fox following the completion of the acquisition has yet to be determined, the deal has been the works since the end of 2017 following a surprise announcement that was approved by Disney shareholders after Comcast attempted to acquire Fox for themselves after being outbid in a staggering $71.3 billion acquisition offer.

(via Variety)

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