Disney-Fox Deal May Be in Trouble Because of Comcast Offer

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It sounds like Marvel fans might not see the X-Men or Fantastic Four pop up in the Marvel Cinematic Universe any time soon. Hopes were initially high for the big screen comic book union after Disney put in a bid to purchase 21st Century Fox's assets back in December of 2017, but now Comcast is prepping another bid -- and it sounds like Fox is receptive.

Comcast's deal, which the company has referred to as "superior" in comparison to Disney's, would be all-cash, as opposed to the stock-based Disney deal. That deal, to the tune of $52.4 billion, was considered all but a sure thing when it was announced, as it would allowed Fox CEO Rupert Murdoch to avoid paying certain taxes and make him one of Disney's largest shareholders.

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In an interview with Cheddar, Rich Greenfield of global trading company BTIG said that Murdoch has soured on Disney's stock deal and is now looking to make the most out of any deal that comes his way, even if that means going with Comcast.

"Rupert, like his shareholders, [is] now fully aligned and simply [wants] the best possible outcome, meaning the most dollars, whether that's cash or cash and stock," Greenfield said. "Rupert Murdoch is not set on selling to Disney. There's a real opening for Comcast to come in with a very significant premium bid to where Disney is now."

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Regardless of which company wins out in the bidding war, the Fox assets on the table include a handful of television stations, Fox's television and film studios and their stock in Sky -- a European television company.

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