Disney & Fox Have Reignited 'Serious' Acquisition Talks

Just days ago, it was rumored that Disney and 21st Century Fox were back in negotiations, with things said to be moving fast and a deal all but certain. Now, The Wall Street Journal has confirmed that the two are back in negotiations with the Mouse House expected to gain a majority of Fox's assets. However, the studio is not the only interested party still in the mix, as Comcast is still very much looking to acquire Fox.

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When it was reported that the initial talks between Disney and Fox had come to a halt, it was said that Comcast, as well as Sony Entertainment, had begun discussions with the company -- although an official offer had not been submitted. Now, it appears that a deal could be made by the end of the month, with talks gaining momentum as of late. As to which company will secure the deal, it remains to be seen.

Should Disney gain majority ownership of the company, they would also take over Fox's 31-percent ownership of Hulu, which is important as the studio has confirmed they're currently developing their own streaming service set to launch sometime in 2019. Along with a significant ownership of the streaming service, the deal would provide Disney with exposure to international markets, which is vital as the U.S. pay-TV industry continues to grow.

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Although it's far too early to suggest Disney is the front-runner, we at least know for certain now that the company is still actively pursuing Fox, and that a deal could be imminent. Of course, as we've seen in the past, too, things could end up coming to a screeching halt with no deal to be had.

(via Wall Street Journal)

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