Disney Debuts Planes Teaser

It was revealed earlier this year that Pixar is finally, truly joining the Disney family. Which is to say, work is under way on its very first direct-to-video release. ZING! Seriously, though, the studio is prepping a Cars spinoff called Planes for a spring 2013 home-video release. It's technically a Disney/Pixar production. Or, at least, it was announced that way, although Pixar's name is notably absent from the just-released teaser.

There's nothing inherently wrong with direct-to-video releases; it doesn't matter what size your screen is, there are strong movies and not-so-strong movies. This new trailer looks promising though, and properly Pixar-y, even if the actual brand logo is missing. It's also got a strong Top Gun vibe, which shouldn't come as a surprise. Plus, this may well be the first-ever Disney trailer to use a White Zombie tune. Neat.

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