Disney Debuts <i>Planes</i> Teaser

It was revealed earlier this year that Pixar is finally, truly joining the Disney family. Which is to say, work is under way on its very first direct-to-video release. ZING! Seriously, though, the studio is prepping a Cars spinoff called Planes for a spring 2013 home-video release. It's technically a Disney/Pixar production. Or, at least, it was announced that way, although Pixar's name is notably absent from the just-released teaser.

There's nothing inherently wrong with direct-to-video releases; it doesn't matter what size your screen is, there are strong movies and not-so-strong movies. This new trailer looks promising though, and properly Pixar-y, even if the actual brand logo is missing. It's also got a strong Top Gun vibe, which shouldn't come as a surprise. Plus, this may well be the first-ever Disney trailer to use a White Zombie tune. Neat.

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