Disney Cruise Line's Marvel Day At Sea Conjures Doctor Strange


Do you like Doctor Strange and his hit movie from last year? Do you also like taking part in Disney's renowned cruises? Then you'll be pleased to hear that both of them will be coming together this Fall as part of the upcoming Marvel Day at Sea. And the best part about it? The Sorcerer Supreme's going to levitate in a flashy stage-show.

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Disney has announced that the Marvel Day at Sea event will showcase the fan-favorite comic book sorcerer in a face-off against the dark demon Dormammu, in an attempt to send him back to the Dark Dimension as part of a new theatrical event. Said fight will see the use of Mystic Arts via stage illusions, projections, and special effects at the Walt Disney Theatre during the cruise.

When he's not fighting his nemesis, you can see Doctor Strange aboard the ship, "summoning his powers and seeking enlightenment," according to cruise line PR Manager Jonathan Frontado. He'll also be seen at the nighttime deck show, where he'll do even more of his mystic mastery.

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Marvel Day at Sea begins this Fall on 7 and 8-day cruises at beginning in New York, then returns early 2018 for 5-day cruises that kick off in Miami. In addition to Doctor Strange, the at-sea event will see guests including the Guardians of the Galaxy and the Avengers.

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