The Dark Magical Kingdom: 24 Disney Characters Reimagined As Supervillains

A part of being a fan of something is contributing to that fandom in one way or another. Some write fan fiction, some do cosplay, and others create fan art. But, since no one is a fan of one single thing, sometimes these creative works borrow material from various sources and what we're left with is an interesting mash-up. A re-imagining of the character in some kind of an alternative universe, if you will. Comic book fans often create amalgam characters by combining heroes and villains from Marvel and DC Comics. However, every now and again they venture outside the realm of comic books. Disney has a substantially rich selection of characters at the artists' disposal, to pick and choose which to use for their imaginative creations. Whether it's animation or live-action, Disney offers interesting heroes and villains that blend quite nicely with comic book characters.

This particular practice was especially popular when Disney acquired Marvel. Upon hearing the news, talented fans took to the internet to share their most original, clever and funny Disney and Marvel mash-up characters. That being said, there are still plenty of Disney and DC Comics amalgam characters out there as well. For the purposes of this list, we looked for any Disney characters re-imagined as a Marvel or DC Comics villain. So, while all those princesses re-imagined as superheroes are stunning, they will not be on this list. But, perhaps, next time. With that out of the way, here are 25 Disney characters re-imagined as supervillains.

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Jasmine Mystique
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Jasmine Mystique

Jasmine sure could have used superpowers against Jafar. However, her having Mystique’s ability to metamorph would kind of undermine one of the main themes of the film. Not being what a person isn’t is a major theme in Aladdin as both Aladdin and Jasmine get into trouble pretending to be different people. After all, she doesn’t fall for Prince Ali, but for the real Aladdin.

Nevertheless, this fan art piece created by Diego Gomez is definitely an interesting take on the character. Jasmine and Mystique blended surprisingly well.

23 M.O.D.U.C.K.


Inspired by Disney’s acquisition of Marvel, Chris Samnee decided to design an amalgam character. His incredibly creative and hilarious idea was to combine Disney’s most famous anthropomorphic duck, Donald Duck, and Marvel’s notorious big-headed villain M.O.D.O.K.

The result, as you can see, is a hilarious little creature who seems to be up to no good. Chris' M.O.D.U.C.K. may look ridiculous, but the notorious short-fuse prankster capable of all the things M.O.D.O.K. can do is definitely someone you wouldn’t want to upset.


James Silvani Tinker Quinn

The symbol of the magic of Disney, Tinker Bell, is one of the most recognizable and iconic animated characters of all time. In the story, the sassy, hot-headed pixie and Peter Pan’s best friend, Tinker Bell was very jealous of Peter and Wendy’s relationship which led her to do some pretty crazy stuff.

Harley Quinn is often inclined to act on a whim and she's notorious for going pretty bonkers almost all the time. James Silvani saw the resemblance and decided to give Tinker Bell’s outfit an upgrade.


Eduardo Vieira Duck Doc

Doc Ock is one of Spidey’s greatest nemesis. Their rivalry is deeply personal and Doc Ock was able to deal some of the most painful blows to Peter Parker -- and, no, we’re not talking about his tentacle arms, though we imagine getting hit by one of those is no picnic.

Speaking of tentacle arms, ever wonder what those would look like on an anthropomorphic duck? Well, your wildest dreams have just come true. Artist Eduardo Vieira’s Donald Duck and Doc Ock mash-up is one hilarious piece of art.


Aegis Kitty Sally Quinn

Released in 1993, The Nightmare Before Christmas remains a quintessential Christmas movie to this day. The stunning stop-motion animated film tells the story of Jack Skellington, the King of Halloween Town, who grows tired of Halloween and, after stumbling upon a portal to Christmas Town, decides to celebrate Christmas instead.

Helping him in his quest to awaken the spirit of Christmas is a rag-doll creature named Sally, an amateur toxicologist and psychic. Aegis Kat thought Sally and Harley Quinn had quite a lot in common, so she decided to create this awesome new mash-up character.


Bryan Lobdell Ariel Phoenix

The Little Mermaid is usually not a character you’d associate with anything evil or scary. Well, not unless you think mermaids are scary creatures, which is totally acceptable by the way. Or, in case someone decides to put together Ariel and Marvel’s Dark Phoenix -- then it's perfectly fine to be appropriately petrified.

The somewhat disturbing image featured above, courtesy of artist Bryan Lobdell, should be enough to convince anyone that cute little mermaids can indeed be very scary creatures.


Ape Lad Goofy Galactus

When news got out that Disney had purchased Marvel, a lot of artists decided to commemorate the occasion with a whimsical piece of fan art. Mashing Disney characters with Marvel heroes and villains seemed appropriate. Artist Adam Koford decided to combine the lanky anthropomorphic dog Goofy with the planet-devouring cosmic juggernaut Galactus.

Yet, even though it’s freaking Goofy in a Galactus costume, Adam’s Goofalactus --  if you will, still isn’t the least threatening version of Galactus we’ve seen. That honor belongs to the cloud from Fantastic Four: Rise of the Silver Surfer.


Robby Cook Mojo Ursula

The evil sea witch Ursula has certainly never been a pleasant sight, but Robby Cook has managed to make her even less appealing to the eye. By combining the wicked octopod with Marvel’s villain Mojo, Robby created a truly unpleasant character.

The spineless creature from the planet known as Mojoworld is one of Marvel’s odder villains. Since Mojo kind of looks like an octopod himself when placed on his motorized platform, it’s easy to see why the artist decided to mash these two together.


BramastaAji Goddess of Mischief

In 2014, Disney decided to tell us the well-known story of Sleeping Beauty from the perspective of the evil witch Maleficent. Portrayed by Angelina Jolie, the titular villainess immediately spiked in popularity. It certainly didn’t hurt that Jolie's costume looked insanely awesome. Perfect for tons of fan art and cosplay to emerge.

Artist BramstaAji thought Maleficent and Loki would make a cute couple -- well, sort of -- and the result is this stunning mash-up we decided to dub the Goddess of Malice.


James Silvani Duck Joker Daisy Quinn

Joker and his sweetheart Harley Quinn have caused the Caped Crusader much trouble over the years. Their unique blend of madness and chemistry has made them the most famous supervillain couple in all of comics.

On the other hand, Donald and Daisy Duck are an iconic Disney couple. So, combining the two does kind of make sense. James Silvani certainly thought as much. Featured above is his hilarious vision of Donald and Daisy Duck as the Joker and Harley, respectively.


BossLogic Elsa Quinn

Disney’s 2013 animated film Frozen stands as the highest-grossing animated movie of all time and the highest-grossing movie of 2013 -- and FYI, this is the same year Iron Man 3 was released. The long-awaited sequel is expected to hit theaters in November 2019.

Naturally, Frozen has spawned mountains of fan art, cosplays and “Let it Go” covers. The incredible Boss Logic re-imagined Elsa as Harley Quinn, captioning the image above with “Do You Want to Kill the Batman?”. If that’s a song you’d like to sing along to click here.


Bryan Lobdell Gaston-naut

Considered one of Disney’s best villains, Gaston, appears in Beauty and the Beast as an arrogant, vain man whose unrequited feelings for Bell drive him to take insane measures against his adversary. Gaston may look like Prince Charming but his unappealing personality doesn’t match his attractive exterior.

Egotistical and exceedingly muscular Gaston is the personification of hypermasculinity and misogyny. Bryan Lobdell decided to make Gaston’s exaggerated masculine features even more pronounced by combining him with the Marvel villain Juggernaut. A match made in… heaven?


Goofy Magneto

With the ability to manipulate magnetic fields and metal on a sub-atomic level, bend light and generate bolts of electricity, Magneto is one of the strongest mutants in the Marvel Universe. He’s also one of the most interesting and morally complex characters in comics.

Now, imagine all that power and complexity in a character like Goofy. We’ll even help you visualize such a creature. Eduardo Vieira thought these two lads were just right for each other and created this absurd amalgam character.


Bryan Lobdell Jaspocalypse

All right, we have no idea what’s happening with this one, nor what the artist’s inspiration was when making this mashup, but we’re sure glad it exists. Princess Jasmine from Aladdin certainly didn’t seem like one to be secretly harboring intentions of wanton destruction. Yet here we are, looking at a pretty impressive Apocalypse and Jasmine mash-up.

The puzzling art featured above was created by Bryan Lobdell who didn’t offer much in form of explanation as to why this character was created. We do agree with what he did say, Jafar wouldn’t stand a chance.


Robby Cook Magneto Jafar

Well, Jasmine may have taken her game up a few notches, but Jafar certainly isn’t falling behind. Seeing Jaspocalypse scared Jafar just enough to “team up” with a famous comic book villain himself. Featured above, Robby Cook’s amazing mash-up of Jafar and Magneto. Their outfits blended seamlessly, making Jagneto a striking villain.

Funnily enough, Ian McKellan, who played the older version of Magneto in the X-Men movies, was considered for the part of Jafar in Aladdin. Though that tidbit probably had nothing to do with this design.


Robby Cook Madam Maleficent

In season four of Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D., we had the misfortune to meet Madame Hydra. The Artificial Intelligent Digital Assistant (A.I.D.A.) was created as a Life-Model Decoy by Holden Radcliffe. However, once she created her own twisted world within the Framework, Aida took on the role of Madame Hydra.

Robby Cook’s fan art depicts a mash-up of Marvel’s villainous Madame Hydra and Disney’s Maleficent. These two do have a lot in common, so it’s not surprising that the amalgam character looks this awesome.


James Silvani Duck Vader

We sure are glad there are those among us who possess the imagination and the skill to come up with silly ideas like this. Artist James Silvani makes some pretty amazing creations, which you should definitely check out on his website, but Duck Vader may well be our favorite.

Donald Duck combined with Darth Vader is interesting enough on its own, however, James’ mashup is on a whole new level. That silly duck is on a unicycle for crying out loud and he's waving around four lightsabers. Hilarious.


dorers Disney Symbiotes

Sony’s Venom movie was mostly positively received by the audience, grossing over $500 million worldwide. However, the critics panned the script and tonal inconsistencies, giving Venom an approval rating of merely 29%. If you didn’t find Venom to your liking either, perhaps we can offer a more interesting version of the character.

Better yet, we’ll give you three symbiotes fused with Disney characters. Created by dorets, this piece of fanart depicts Goofy as Toxin, Mickey Mouse as Venom, and Donald Duck as Carnage (who happens to be our favorite).


matt lunsford Tinker Phoenix

Captain Hook better watch out, Tinker Bell ain’t messing around. Artist Matt Lunsford thought fairy dust wasn’t quite enough against the malicious Captain Hook, so he decided to give Tinker Bell a significant upgrade.

According to the artist, he thought of mashing Tinker Bell with the Wasp and having her join the Avengers, but this alternative is certainly far more threatening. Captain Hook won’t even know what hit him. Matt's cute Phoenix Bell was created in honor of Disney buying Marvel.


Robby Cook Cruella Sinister

The aptly named Cruella De Vil is the epitome of someone who is very mean. The main antagonist of 101 Dalmatians has become notorious for her twisted personality and is widely considered one of Disney’s best villains. She’s also a pop-culture phenomenon and is often referenced in movies, TV shows, and music.

Artist Robby Cook decided to honor Cruella De Vil by pairing her with a Marvel villain who bears a similarly on-the-nose name: Mr. Sinister. We couldn’t have wished for a better mash-up.


Robby Cook Elsa Frost

Frozen’s Elsa quickly became one of Disney’s most popular characters. We’re pretty much all guilty of breaking into song upon hearing “Let it Go”, and even though it’s been five years since the film’s release, you can still hear Idina Menzel’s beautiful voice every now and again. On top of that, merchandise with the characters from Frozen is still popular with children and adults alike.

Not surprisingly, Frozen fan art is also widely spread. Roby Cook re-imagined Elsa as one of Marvel’s most powerful mutants: Emma Frost. We have to admit, the new look suits Elsa a little too well.


Lenin Angelo Lavina Stitch Venom

The 2002 Disney movie Lilo & Stitch introduced the world to the adorable blue koala-like illegal genetic experiment with the ability, and penchant, to create untold chaos. The lovable and mischievous Stitch quickly became a fan favorite character, so it doesn’t surprise that there’s a substantial amount of fanart depicting the little blue devil.

This one is particularly interesting because it mashes Stitch with the Marvel Comics villain Venom. It’s surreal how awesome this combo looks. Venom Stitch was created by Lenin Angelo Lavina.


robin goethals Mickey Venom

The news about Disney buying Marvel initially had us all wondering what that would mean for Marvel and how Disney would change our heroes. Unfortunately -- or fortunately, however you wanna look at it – a Venom Mouse comic never happened.

This amalgam character was created by Robin Goelthals who felt that Venom Mouse deserved to grace comic book pages. We have no idea how any of that would work, but we’re in. Robin’s character looks sick and it’d be interesting to see him in action.


Zac Atkinson Inside Arkham

Zac Atkinson’s Inside Out parody, aptly titled Inside Arkham, sure is a sight to behold. The artist depicted famous Batman villains as the characters from Inside Out to recreate the original movie poster. Penguin is Sadness, Two-Face is Anger, the Riddler is Fear, Poison Ivy is Disgust, and Harley Quinn, of course, is Joy.

Inside Out was an amazing movie and we have no doubt that Zac’s take on it would be equally entertaining whether in form of a movie or a comic book.

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