Disney Cancels <i>The Lone Ranger</i>

I predicted last week that the December 2012 release calendar would change when World War Z joined a number of other big-ticket movies, including The Hobbit and Django Unchained, in the crowded month. I didn't expect the change to be quite this dramatic, though: Disney has canceled The Lone Ranger, which shared WWZ's December 21 opening.

News of the Gore Verbinski-directed, Johnny Depp-starring flick's cancellation comes from Deadline. A subsequent update on the post says, via an unnamed insider, that there's still a chance the movie will happen. Everyone involved wants it to happen, and it's safe to assume that Disney would love for Depp to star in another of its franchise movies, but the $200+ million budgetary needs are raising some concerns.

Then again, there's word on the Internet (via Hollywood Elsewhere) that the movie would have had a supernatural bent, something involving werewolves, apparently. Maybe we should be thankful that this one isn't happening.

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