Disney Boss: We Buy The Best To Make Us Better

The problem with a corporation like Disney, according to its president and CEO Bob Iger, is that it can be too large and too comfortable to innovate. Luckily, it can always buy Pixar and Marvel to do that for it, instead.

Iger made these comments at a Financial Times-sponsored event, where he talked about how Disney succeeds:

During the 45-minute exchange, Iger put the emphasis on the need to continue to innovate and experiment -- like with forays into the digital space -- while never losing sight of the essence of the brand.

To this end, Iger continued, Pixar and Marvel bring added value to Disney, but those entities are allowed to retain their unique cultures... When Disney is successful, he pointed out, "it has a ripple effect throughout the company. The absence of quality animation has a dramatic effect, on value and on creative perspective. "When I came into the job, I weighed the options. I felt that losing the relationship with Pixar when their contract expired would be a shame. And so we brought into the company a culture of innovation, of never accepting mediocrity."

Of course, another alternative would just be to not let Disney employees get complacent, but at least this was a solution...

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