Disney CEO Doubles Down on Possible R-Rated Deadpool Films

When Disney purchased 20th Century Fox, comic book fans both fantasized and feared the acquisition of the X-Men film franchise. Fans of the X-Men movies lamented the possible changes while fans of the Marvel Cinematic Universe fantasized about the X-Men and Avengers co-existing in the same world. However, both groups seemed to equally fear for the future of Deadpool.

However, while people freaked out that Deadpool would lose its R-rated appeal under the Disney umbrella, Disney CEO Bob Iger doubled-down on his previous statement that there was room in Disney for an R-rated Deadpool.

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Multiple sources indicate that not only is Disney fine with making an R-rated Deadpool movie, but they plan on pushing the envelope a little more in the future -- especially with the Disney-Fox brand.

Iger said on today's Q1 2019 Disney Earnings Call that when the Disney-Fox merger completes, Disney will ensure that it's "carefully branding" Fox properties like an R-rated Deadpool movie, according to Brent Lang of Variety. Lang added this means "no Cinderella's castle logo" before an R-rated Deadpool movie.

Fox released the first Deadpool movie in 2016 and it was a monster success. The film brought in $363 million domestically and $783 million worldwide, with Deadpool 2 grossing $318 million domestically and $785 million worldwide. It ended up as the highest-grossing X-Men movie ever.

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When Fox released a PG-13 version of Deadpool over the holidays, fans freaked out believing this was a way of testing the waters for a tamer version of the Merc with a Mouth for Disney.

With what Iger said today, fans can expect even more R-rated Deadpool movies in the future.

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