Disney in Talks to Acquire AT&T's WarnerMedia Stake in Hulu

Disney may soon own even more of the media landscape.

The entertainment conglomerate is in talks to buy WarnerMedia's 10% stake of the streaming service Hulu, according to Variety. If and when Disney's 20th Century Fox merger closes, the House of Mouse will gain Fox's 30% of Hulu. Combined with the 30% it already owns, that gives Disney a potential 70% ownership of Hulu, with Comcast/NBCUniversal owning the remaining 30%.

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"Disney would like to buy us out... I don’t think anything’s going to happen in the near term,” NBCUniversal CEO Steve Burke told Variety last month.

Only time will tell how long NBCU will remain the last holdout, but Disney's Hulu takeover would only add to its dizzying amount of media. On top of owning huge pop cultural centerpieces like ESPN and, of course, the Marvel Cinematic Universe, Disney has gained headway in its acquisition of major Fox properties, which includes the X-Men/Deadpool cinematic universes. Meanwhile, despite having a previous streaming home in Netflix, Disney announced its own streaming service Disney+ last year and is already developing numerous series that will connect with its numerous cinematic properties.

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Not unlike Thanos' strategic acquisition of the Infinity Stones, all of these respective deals are a part an overarching plan. FX CEO John Landgraf confirmed earlier this month that Disney plans to stream FX's less kid-friendly content on Hulu while keeping Disney+ G-rated.

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